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  1. It is better to mention what girls are wearing for wealth. Everyone knows that some people ask dogs what to wear for money. In addition, some people want to ask women what kind of money is, do you know, do you know what is going on? In fact, what is the most fortune for a woman? Let ’s take a look at what girls bring money to transfer, I hope to help everyone!
    It what is better to wear for girls for wealth
    The four types of wealth items suitable for the office:
    . The characteristic is that there is no mouth but no, it is punished by the Jade Emperor, so the wealth is gone. It can be placed on the wealth box, safe, and desks, especially the accounting department needs this kind of beast that is mostly entered. He has the meaning of wealth, and it is immediately eliminated, so he can also open up the royal. There are also saying that I do n’t have another dragon head, Lin's foot looks like a lion beast.
    2. Tianlu: The appearance is very similar, but the head is a single corner, the Tianlu is a two -horn, and Lu is the blessing and wealth. Tianlu is in charge of wealth. Wealth can also be eliminated. The appearance of Wei Meng, the two are often used by the ancients who are used to guard the tomb.
    3. Deer or toad: In addition to these two particularly famous beasts, there are many animals also contain the meaning of wealth, such as: deer, Lu Xie Luyin; , Eat the Quartet in the mouth, the belly is round and wealthy; or the match between the horse and the monkey, take the homophonic immediately, is the most suitable for those who want to be promoted.
    4. Yellow Crystal Ball: Yellow Crystal Fortune, and the crystal can absorb negative energy in the office to ensure smooth work. Putting crystals on the table, the better effect is the pendant of the woman wealth.

    It what is better to wear for girls to wealth: What is the dog who is wearing a fortune and a dog can wear or dwells or to recruit wealth. What women wear can be transferred to recruit money.
    It can be invited to ask for wealth, bidding, transfer, town house disaster, and resolving evil spirits. Bai Ruitang's ornaments are all passed through the courtyard and completed for seven days and seven nights.
    Bai Ruitang's 貔貅: What kind of fortune is wearing a woman's feet.
    What is the most fortune for a woman? 1. It has the role of town house. Putting the existing puppets in the home or office space, and the use of the pendant of the puppet, which can make the fortune in the home better, strengthen the good luck, and drive away. It has the effect of town houses, becoming the guard of the family, and the peace of the family is safe. What a woman is most wealthy.
    . The role of wealth and wealth is not only helpful for Zhengcai, but also has a wonderful effect on some people with partial wealth and income. Therefore, many of the business people also like to place Bai Ruitang 貔貅 at home with the company.
    3. It has the role of resolving the five yellow and big evils. Wubao is a terrible evil star on feng shui. Wherever it goes, it will make the population unhealthy and stagnant in the house. Putting Bailitang in the Wuhuang place can resolve it. Not only can it be able to transform the town house, especially in terms of wealth, the role of Bai Ruitang is the most obvious. What is the best for women to wear for wealth.

    What is the best way for girls to wear for wealth: what kind of money for women to bring for money, do you know what a woman brings the most money, do you know?
    1. Agate
    Agate has a variety of beautiful colors, and it is also easy to be carved into different forms. Therefore, the choice of agate jewelry can be said to be colorful. For women, wearing agate can not only recruit wealth, but also enhance vitality, balance positive and negative energy, and eliminate mental tension and stress. Therefore, it is especially suitable for women who work hard in their careers. What a woman can we make money.
    2. What golden pendant to make money for crystal women.
    Crystal is a kind of jewelry that women like, and can have different effects according to different colors. In addition to the function of Crystal, the most important thing is that it can increase its own popularity and even bring good peach blossoms. Therefore, if women want to be welcomed, wealth is strong, or in a business steaming, crystal jewelry can be considered. How about ladies wearing silver and wealth cats.
    3. Tourmaline
    Thamanels a expensive and noble gem, which has a supreme symbol in ancient times, and because colors are often paired with colorful bracelets or gradient pendants. For women, it is more obvious for women. It can improve the magnetic field of individuals and make up for the lack of human numerology. It not only has a strong fortune effect, but also to prevent villains.
    The accessories made of the above materials mentioned above are very suitable for women to wear, not only because of bright colors and good matching, but also because they can bring prosperity and attract strong wealth. What kind of money is wealthy in the night.
    The above is what to bring for girls to transfer to the girls. After watching the girl's fortune, what is better to wear, I hope this will be helpful to everyone!

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