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  1. What kind of transportation girls we wear in this year of life
    In the death of this year of life, which is one of our sayings. Everyone will encounter their own destiny years. In our destiny years, our fortunes will decline. The jewelry to increase the fortune. Let's share what the girl wears the life of the year of the year. A bracelet woven by red rope symbolizes auspiciousness, beautiful, and running. The main feng shui effect is transportation and operation, which can bring good luck. The number and materials of the transshipment bead are also particular. When buying, you can choose according to your needs.
    2. Different numbers of different quantities
    A bead: represents "smooth sailing"; "two beads: represents" good things into double "
    three beads: representing" Sanyang Kaitai "" ; Four beads: Representatives "Four Seasons Ping An"
    Five Pearls: Representative "Five Blessing Sharing"; Six Pearls: Representative "Six Six Dashun"
    Seven beads: Representative "Endow Mountain League"; eight One Pearl: Represents "Wealth Hengtong"
    Nine beads: represents "for a long time"; Ten beads: representative "

    3. nThe people of Five Elements: Beads are mainly black and blue. The materials are: tea crystal, black agate, sapphire, obsidian, Topa stone, sea sauda, ​​tanzanite, etc. People: The color of beads is mainly green and green, and the materials are: green hair crystal, emerald, turquoise, transparent pirate, green emerald, olive tree, green tourmaline, etc. Mainly yellow, brown, brown, and the materials are: Hetian jade, yellow tourmaline, lemon crystals, yellow crystals, pearls, agate, etc. The five elements are popular: the color of the beads is mainly red and purple : Red tourmaline, garnet, red agate, amethyst, ruby, etc.:
    The people of the five elements of gold: beads are mainly white, gold, silver, and the materials are: platinum, platinum, silver, gold, diamonds, diamonds, and diamonds,, diamonds, diamonds,, diamonds, diamonds,, diamonds,, diamonds, diamonds,, diamonds, diamonds,,, diamonds, diamonds,,, diamonds White Topa stone, white tourmaline, white crystal, etc..
    What girls to move in this year of this year. Don't be nervous if you are entangled by rotten peach blossoms. There are many ways to drive women such as rotten peach blossoms at this time. Of course, sometimes girls need to do it by themselves. Girls 'life.
    Neplifier farewell to economic difficulties
    Is wearing cinnabar for girls' life years, so there is no problem to maintain their good fortune. Girls can change some bad economic conditions and make money often often. It will happen. Girls are more motivated to make money. After a certain gain, girls are becoming more and more active. Girls can grasp the direction of making money, and economic difficulties are greatly reduced.

    agate Career development
    The girls wearing agate in this year of life. At this time, girls' career will become stronger, and the pursuit of the workplace will become more, but this is not a bad thing. When you are more attentive, girls will find that the pressure of life in the workplace is slowly decreased, and the enthusiasm is improving when facing work.
    Agate gets the help of the noble person
    When girls' lives are noble people, pay attention to observation and analysis, so it is not difficult for girls to get the help of noble people. Girls pay more attention to details, and the surprises and luck are getting more. The more. The mildew in life will slowly disappear because of the arrival of noble people.
    What to move the year of this year, what is the transshipment of the third year of the year, what is the transfer of the most common and most commonly used method for resolving the most simple and most commonly used method to resolve the red rope. This wicked jewelry seems small, but there are a lot of attention. The zodiac signs who criminals wear it to dispel evil; Gold and silver jewelry can not only preserve value, but also have a powerful feng shui effect as the first choice for investment. Since ancient times, cinnabar has been the representative of harm. In the year when he was too old in 2022, if the tiger wants to let your wealth be relieved, you can consider starting with the pendant. Red belts, red rope, red underwear, red socks, etc. Many people will pay special attention to buying, as well as red insoles, there are villains in the world, everything goes smoothly, so that good luck will from every step and every step. The meaning of the beginning.

    In wearing a Ping An mascot
    For a class of people who have a greater impact of the year -old crime, then the accidental injury and unlucky wealth are common. Then small illnesses, small pain, and bleeding, the severe life may be life -threatening or even dying, and the problem of breaking wealth will cause fortune to decline, and even affect family members. Pay special attention. In 2022, a tiger girl can also wear mascots that can worsen evil spirits and protect Ping An, such as the destiny to guard the Buddha, the five emperors, the peach wood, the white jade safety buckle, the crystal, the peace rune, the puppet, etc. Live this year.

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