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  1. What can a woman wearing can be transferred
    What can a woman wear? We all know that Feng Shui is very particular about it. Many Feng Shui can affect our fortune. Women can make our fortune better by wearing some transport objects. Next, I will take you to understand what women wear can be transferred.
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    1. Amber beeswax: Zhengcai partial wealth. As a kind of amber, beeswax is generally a yellow series such as chicken oil yellow, egg whites, beige and other yellow series. Beeswax is wearing it for a long time to love, happiness and strength. There is a saying of beeswax carved. In addition, Jinbo is also called "wealth stone", which can attract wealth. Whether it is the positive wealth and career through hard work, or the accident, it can bring you.

    2. Red chalcedony. Red chalcedony is a kind of jewelry with the meaning of auspiciousness. The god of longevity of Greek goddess Ishis was red chalcedony in his later years. Its benefits to the human body are also scientifically demonstrated. Red chalcedony can not only activate tissue cells and increase heart blood circulation, but also have a significant effect on the treatment of insomnia and stability. It is a good companion as a transportation.

    3. Transit beads. The shape of the transshipment bead is a round or oval bead that is slightly larger than the soybeans. There will be some auspicious patterns in the appearance of the beads. The middle is hollowed out. It is compiled with red lines. You can also wear it on your wrist uniquely like a bracelet!

    4. Yellow Crystal Ring. Yellow Crystal: The main fortune is wealth, and the yellow cosmic energy is emitted, commonly known as the stone of wealth. The gentle yellow light can inject the dynamics of harmony into the heart, strengthen the aura, and make people full of confidence and joy. Yellow Crystal, can keep the house peaceful, exorcising evil spirits; Yellow Crystal is also known as the stone of businessmen. Stability of the development of the cause is similar to the frequency of wealth, which can bring wealth. It is clear -headed, intriguing, rational, patience, more efficient, and can make the house wealth, physically and mentally Kangtai.
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    1. Gourd carving
    Gourism has been a feng shui mascot for wealth and prosperity since ancient times. For women, gourds Jewelry can not only increase prosperity, but also dispel evil spirits. It is a very good lucky decoration.
    2. Agate
    Agate has a variety of beautiful colors, and it is also easy to be carved into different forms by hand. Therefore, the choice of agate jewelry can be said to be colorful. For women, wearing agate can not only recruit wealth, but also enhance vitality, balance the energy of yin, and eliminate mental tension and stress. Therefore, it is especially suitable for women who work hard in their careers.
    3. The carving of the treasure bottle
    The carvings of the treasure bottle can actually help women's wealth. So if a woman wants to improve her wealth, the carving of the treasure bottle is a very good choice. Not only can the treasure bottle be gathered, but also the fortune. After wearing female friends, the fortune will gradually improve.
    4. Green crystal
    older. Women like to wear pure gold jewelry, but young women are particularly suitable for wearing crystals, each color, crystal clear. And different colors of crystals have different effects on people. Purple crystals can promote academic fortune. Pink crystals can bring peach blossoms. If you want to recruit wealth, you can wear green crystals. Women wearing green crystals can not only help help His career, improve your wealth, can also be prosperous.
    5. Tourmaline
    If you have superior economic conditions and feel that crystals and agate are not enough, then you can choose tourmaline. Tourmaline is an expensive and noble gem. The color is gorgeous, and it is often made into colorful bracelets or a gradient pendant. Tourmaline's luck for women is very obvious. It can not only improve the magnetic field and make up for some defects of women's numerology, but also have a strong effect of recruiting wealth.

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