What is a high-capacity lithium battery pack?

Large-capacity lithium battery is a popular name for some lithium battery packs with large capacity, and there is no specific requirement for high voltage and high capacity to be a large-capacity lithium battery pack.

According to our statistics, lithium batteries with a general capacity greater than 5Ah can be called large-capacity lithium batteries.

The voltage of a single cell is 3.7V, and the capacity of a single cell ranges from tens of milliamp hours to tens of ampere hours. For example, the 18650 lithium battery we often use is 3.7V2200mAh. When our customers need a 12V20Ah battery pack, they need 3 9 parallel 18650-2200mAh single lithium batteries, a total of 27 single cells, forming a battery pack of 11.1V19.8Ah. Usually 12V equipment is used, and its voltage range is between 9-15V, while the voltage range of 11.1V19.8Ah lithium battery is 9-12.6V.

  1. How to choose a large-capacity lithium battery brand manufacturer?
  2. Shenzhen Grepow Battery Co., Ltd. (brand abbreviation: Grepow): a leading manufacturer in the lithium battery industry

Shenzhen Grepow Battery Co., Ltd. was established in 1998, abbreviated as Grepow in English. As the first batch of national high-tech enterprises, it insists on independent research and development, innovation and manufacturing. At present, there are 5 factories with more than 3,000 employees, including more than 200 engineering R&D technicians. Now we have offices in Shenzhen Futian, Shenzhen Longhua, Hunan Chenzhou, Zhejiang, and Suzhou, as well as branches in Germany and the United States; Gray Pu is a manufacturer specializing in the production of lithium polymer batteries, nickel metal hydride batteries, and lithium iron phosphate batteries. The laminated battery lithium polymer batteries produced by Greep are widely used in: drones, RC models, agricultural plant protection, sports cars, auto parts , medical, outdoor, maritime, military, industrial, wearable devices, AR/VR and consumer electronics and other fields. The company has focused on batteries for 25 years and is committed to battery manufacturing technology. The batteries have good performance, no explosion hazard, long life, and durability. Advantages, and has a series of production qualifications. Our products have passed a number of national and global testing certifications, and are very good and reliable choices.Also read:400ah lithium battery

  1. BYD Lithium Battery Co., Ltd. (Brand abbreviation: BYD): very strong and reasonable layout of lithium batteries, with extraordinary competitiveness.

BYD's "Three Green Dreams" aim to solve the global environmental pollution and economic problems brought about by oil, benefit mankind with scientific and technological innovation, and shine the world! Based on the core technology of iron batteries, BYD has realized energy storage and formed the technical support of intelligent networks. The power fluctuations of new energy sources such as wind and solar energy are relatively stable. It won't be long before BYD will make a big splash in the field of lithium battery manufacturing, which is very worth looking forward to!

  1. AVIC Lithium Battery (Luoyang) Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: AVIC Lithium Battery): completed the construction of a new plant and doubled its production capacity.

The products of AVIC Lithium Battery (Luoyang) Co., Ltd. produced by the company have a high reputation and influence at home and abroad and in the military market. The company's main business scope: research and development, production, sales and market application development of lithium-ion power batteries, battery management systems (BMS), energy storage batteries and related integrated products, and lithium battery-related materials. The production capacity of safe lithium battery.

  1. Wholesale purchase of large-capacity lithium batteries, what is the basis for the wholesale purchase price

The wholesale and customized prices of large-capacity lithium batteries with different capacities, sizes, and models are different. The wholesale price of lithium batteries is affected by different pack processes, brands, after-sales services, etc. of batteries, protective plates, casings, connectors, and battery manufacturers The wholesale price of large-capacity lithium batteries does not have a fixed standard.

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