Who played better, Maradona in '86 or Messi in 2022

When Argentina won the World Cup, many people used Maradona to disparage Messi, saying that Maradona is the real World Cup of one man, while Messi won the World Cup by penalty kicks. The following is to discuss who played better in 1986 or Messi 2022 World Cup.

First look at the lineup, Maradona 86 World Cup starting lineup 10 Maradona, 11 Valdano, 16 Oraticochea, 12 Enrique, 7 Buruchaga, 14 Giusti, 2 Batista, 3 Brown, 19 Ruggieri, 9 Kucufo, goalkeeper 18 Pompido, This squad may be the most powerful Argentina squad in history, live score,including Ruggieri, Batista, Pompido, Maradona, Brown have entered the best Argentina World Cup team in history, the center forward Valdano is the main force of Real Madrid, the biggest feature of this squad is good defense, probably the best Argentina World Cup team in history.

Consider Messi's starting lineup for the 2022 World Cup: 23- Martinez, 26- Molina, 13- Romero, 19- Otamendi, 8- Akunha, 7- DePaulo, 24- Enzo Fernandez, 20- McAllister, 5- Paredes, 10- Messi, 9- Alvarez. With the exception of Messi's main team at Greater Paris, the rest of the squad are in the third tier of European clubs, with Alvarez not even playing at Manchester City and Valdano at Real Madrid in the same league. Messi is the only player in Argentina's all-time team.

Take a look at the performance of the two players, Lao Ma has 5 goals and 5 assists, but the 4 assists were obtained in the group stage, among which there were 3 against the weakest South Korea, and there was one assist in the elimination and final, and there was one assist against England for handball. If the penalty is given, Lao Ma's data is 1 goal and 4 assists, and Lao Ma did not score in the final. Look at Messi's 7 goals and 3 assists, 5 goals and 2 assists in the knockout games, especially in the final with 2 goals, we all know the final goal is very important. For example, Zidane scored 2 goals in the final to make all people remember him. In fact, Zidane participated in a total of 5 games, 0 goals 0 assists before the final, which shows how important the final goal is.

In watching important matches, the old horse did not have any play in the first knockout match, relying on the opponent's own goal 1-0 Uruguay, the second game against England, the old horse watched the game is difficult to win, decisive hand to score, in the use of England's mental problems to make a surprise attack, after all, England saw the old horse with a hand to see the referee must be helping Argentina, When all the old horses scored 2 goals all the English people didn't defend and just ran. In the third game against Belgium, he scored 2 goals, and in the fourth game against West Germany, he had an assist, which really solved the problem for Argentina against Belgium. The other games against England did not count at all, only the referee helped.

Messi opened the scoring against Australia, set up a goal against Holland, scored a goal and an assist against Croatia, scored two goals and played a part in one goal against France. It can be said that Messi has been brilliant in every knockout game, far better than the old man who scored a goal in one knockout game.


After all, the referee has such a big problem, FIFA must protect the referee, that is, we say the wrong, can only praise the old horse, the 86 performance is worse than the 78 World Cup Kempath and the 82 World Cup Rossi, both of them scored in the knockout matches and the final, And the goals were scored without refereeing problems. Messi was the real man in the World Cup, with the worst Argentina team in history, scoring in every knockout game, and scoring in the first goal, and two goals in the final that the old horse could not match.

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