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  1. The New Year's company has given employees with more practical gifts such as rice, noodles, and oil.
    The ingredients distributed at home in the Mid -Autumn Festival or the Spring Festival for two or three years. After all, everyone uses a lot in life, and the company's leaders are still very good. Go home for parents.
    It is better to send gifts as more appropriate. Welfare is also a heart that represents the company, or the mind of leadership:
    New year red envelopes: also to retain employees, you can continue to stay in the company in the coming year to stay in the company Making
    相 ingredients: Relatively more affordable, after all, who's family will need it, and give parents the company’s mind
    Actually, the unit also hopes that everyone has worked hard for a year. At least the leaders did not forget.

  2. Recommended gifts for employees: Grain and oil
    Minic food as the sky, food is a necessity for our human beings to survive. Most of the employees in many companies live alone. They open their own stoves. Grain and oil can be said to be the first choice for the most practical benefits. Whether it is a school education institution, a processing factory, an e -commerce company, etc., it is given the most practical gift for employees.
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    Id sending employee gifts 2: Spring Festival couplet Spring Festival couplet is already the traditional custom of the Chinese nation. Although the price of the Spring Festival couplet is not very high, we are not just sending the Spring Festival couplet And more is "sending friendship, sending harmony, and sending wishes" for employees, and there is also a feeling of home. It can be said that sending the Spring Festival couplet will always be an indecent new year gift.
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    The recommendation of employee gifts three: Chocolate chocolate is a healthy health food that people love. It is not only delicious, but also rich in minerals, which can bring meticulous concern to your health. Chocolate is not only manifested between lover. When the company gives chocolate to your employees, it is to give him the company's sincere blessings. A gift with a handful of souvenirs means the sincerity of the inner blessing, which makes the company's internal employees full of human feelings.
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    Id sending employee gift box 4: Nuts gift box
    Id employees to buy headaches for many companies. It meets the budget, and it is a very suitable choice to send special products! Nut gift boxes are not only packed with taste, but also various characteristics of nuts in the gift box, but employees are incredible.
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    Id sending employee gifts 4: Tea employees worked hard to fight for the company, the body's fatigue is inevitable. At this time Choose, tea not only has the treatment effectiveness of multi -disease diseases, but also has a good role in extending life and anti -aging. The ancient Chinese once thought that tea had ten virtues: use tea to disperse qi, drive to sleep with tea, nourish the qi with tea, use tea to remove the qi, use tea to benefit the etiquette, pay attention to tea tables, taste the taste with tea, and raise tea with tea. The body, with tea, tea Kayzhi
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    The recommendation of employee gifts: why should blue and white porcelain creative gifts give blue and white porcelain creative gifts, this is because blue and white porcelain symbolizes the symbol The endlessness of the world is endless and looking at the world. For example: Blue and white porcelain pen style is novel. What is more important is the first use of modern design and craftsmanship. It highlights more cultural charm in the pen. It is not only used to write more importantly. The concept of pens explains the Chinese elements and traditional Chinese handicrafts with the essence of ceramics, luxury, and gifts based on modern visual concepts and traditional Chinese handicrafts. As personal cases and gifts, it reflects the taste of high -level business elites! Very suitable for office employees.

  3. At the end of the year, companies ushered in the demand for fancy collection. The annual conference commendation, grant gifts, love to help farmers, at the end of the three major years, sincerely recommend the most in explosion!
    . The "Sunshine Photo" commended by the Annual Meeting n The explosive digital and electrical products
    Apple and Dyson are hard currency in the annual conference commendation ceremony. It is too hard to have a lot of "loyalty powder", from below 1000 to 10,000, and the budget of each gear can be selected.
    , in addition to the rare "Emperor Europe", the "non -chiefs" are more eager to get some sun care.
    It this year, the epidemic continues to repeat, and many companies will "move" online or simply cancel. In previous years, you may have been able to have a meal and chat, and you can take pictures of fancy. This year, it is easy to deserted.
    1. In the new year, a gift box is needed to be settled. [Costa Spring Festival limited edition gift box] to help!
    three signature coffee, different flavors:
    Colombian coffee: moderate roasting, release the flavor of citrus and caramel in coffee beans, can easily have a cup of smooth taste with 150ml hot water Round coffee.
    They -matching coffee: Medium -deep roasting, release the flavor of nuts and chocolate in coffee beans, and restore a cup of coffee with 150ml hot water.
    The Peruvian coffee in Latin America: Mid -shallow roasting, release of the ripple fruits in the coffee beans, the coffee mouth is fresh and soft, with a thin and sweet and spare flavor.
    In addition to coffee, the gift box also presented a bouncing insulation cup and a limited laptop 2022 New Year. Exquisite magnetic buckle, full of quality.
    The delicious coffee exquisite group gift high -value gift box, helping the atmosphere heating up, it must be brushed out of the circle of friends.
    2. In addition to the new year gift box, you can also prepare a snack gift package!
    Three brothers of the Japanese imported card B French strip: 20g*6 small bags, one pack at a time, crispy and crispy, enjoy the flavor of fresh fries.
    The imported fruit yogurt coating biscuits: a layer of yogurt, a layer of biscuits, a pulp jam in the middle, sweet/crispy/sticky layer of intertwined layer, delicious and no burden.
    The imported Chuanning black tea: Royal Royal Royal Tea, which originated in 1706, tastes authentic British tea flavor.
    It Belgium imported song Emperor Vatican classic chocolate: one of the most famous chocolates in the world, taste the most extreme Belgian chocolate flavor.
    Domestic 草: 峋 峋 focuses on the production of dried fruit, and dried strawberry is the favorite one for buying the buyer! Without additional sugar, the large strawberry wind is dried into fat, sweet and sour, and the taste is solid and chewed.
    This Kaka Ka Ka, snacks, the atmosphere naturally can't go down.
    The Tongtong Selected [Global Snacks Gift Pack], each one is super delicious, the specific gift package can be selected by yourself!
    . The special intention of granted grandsons
    The choice of gifts for customers is a consideration at the end of the year. You give me a gift that I also give, how can I send out differentiated minds and win customer recognition?
    products, quality, practicality, and cost -effective products are more likely to invest in it. It can also effectively pass the brand and establish a good relationship with the relationship. The semi -automatic coffee machine, with a dock furnace and hot kettle, is worth recommending.
    The green and brown of olive trees, as a combination of harmony and nature, enjoy the carefree relaxation and pleasure in the room. Create a design -style kitchen home appliance with carefully selected materials, chrome -plated fashion touch, and gorgeous details. The color -polished metal pot, with a light -brown woven texture contact feel, brought the magical charm of the 1950s back to the kitchen.

    . The heavy warmth of love to help farmers

    The policy and call for national love assistance, ancient villages ushered in Caring for the buyer group. Sincerely recommend Yunnan Nuo Deng ham, salty fresh and fresh salt ham, so that love helps farmers and consumption help becomes a heavy warmth at the end of 2021, realizes the expectations of consolidating income increase, and also makes this unique flavor increase and increase consumer demand and increase The east wind of the rapid development of logistics presents a New Year table for many employees.

    [One -legged Yunnan Nuo Deng ham]

  4. I think there are the following solutions to send gifts to employees:
    1. Rice and grain and oil, fruits
    In New Year to place a little year for employees is very necessary. Consider distributing a bag of rice and a pot of oil for employees With a box of fruits, this solution is the most pragmatic and most popular, because rice, oil, and fruits are the foods needed by daily people. They are both cheap and practical and meet the requirements of most people.

    2. Shopping card
    . As the saying goes, everyone's requirements are different. Some people have different requirements. Some people want to electrical products during the New Year. People want to send daily necessities, so it is difficult to achieve everyone to satisfy everyone. Then the best way is to issue a shopping card for employees so that they can buy whatever they want.

    3. Lucky activities
    In addition to the above gifts, our company will also set some random prizes, such as the form of a lottery, exceeding a few lucky employees. Remember to celebrate the New Year last year. The company adopted a lottery system. The first prize was drawn. The prize was a lady bag worth 1,000 yuan. There were two in the second prize. Several people, I think this point is also very good!

  5. When the New Year, the company will send employee benefits. I think it will send some of the more practical daily necessities to employees. More appropriate. Just like our company can send oil, rice, and noodles are all the need for our lives, which is also very practical to us. I think this gift is more appropriate. Secondly, you can also turn this kind of thing into a red envelope to employees. It is more practical to let employees choose what they need. If the company reports some gift boxes without actual significance, I think employees will not be appreciated. Because many gift boxes on the market are nice outside, in fact, they are empty inside and there is nothing practical. As a company to give employees to employees, employees will not make employees feel happy. I can only feel that the company is perfunctory employees. Therefore, the reason must be practical, it is ugly. But what employees need are the best.

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