4 thoughts on “As a hard currency of gifts, what kind of wine is suitable for delivery?”

  1. Baijiu
    The traditional Chinese people should still choose traditional liquor. After all, liquor is a cultural symbol in China, which can be used to represent a etiquette, an atmosphere, and a quality, so send the elders to send liquor to liquor for liquor. It is also a tradition. In terms of drinking value, liquor is a healthy wine. Drinking liquor in moderation has many benefits to the human body. The secret of the longevity of many elderly people is to like to drink white wine. Baijiu contains organic acids, unsaturated fatty acids, hybrid compounds, and phenolic compounds. Some of them have medical care effects. In terms of etiquette, the grade of liquor is high. It is advisable to be 300-500 yuan in third-tier cities and below. It is advisable to be about 500-1000 yuan in first-tier cities. With a well -known wine as the first choice, or the local specialty wine is the first choice, it cannot be selected for low -grade wines for saving low -priced wines.

    The actually wine is really a good choice. For the elders, wine is a symbol of grade, and the elders usually like to drink some wine, although some elders are usually normally good. Drink some wine, but they are limited to the red wine on the meal. They usually drink more white wine and the taste is more traditional. If a bottle of mouth is very novel, it is also a good choice. The wine is known as the blood of life. It contains rich nutritional elements, has a lot of physical benefits, and gives the elders healthy and unique. And the red wine is given to the old man, and the sweet white wine to send the mother -in -law is really happy.
    The Bailan

    The white orchid land uses fruits as raw materials and grape ingredients. If other fruits are used as raw materials, the name of the fruit will be indicated. Such as cherry white orchids, apples white orchids, strawberry apple white orchids, etc. Bailan Di is one of the cocktails. Although it is a wine distilled after the grape is fermented, although it is fierce wine, due to the long period of aging, its taste is soft and the fragrance is pure. After drinking, it gives people an elegant and comfortable enjoyment. Bailan is beautiful amber and attractive, and its long history also covered it with a layer of mysterious colors. Gifts are a good choice.
    The whiskey

    This of whiskey has an infinite charm for male winers. It is made of malt, cereals and corn as raw materials, carefully mixed. There are three types such as malt whiskey, bonus whiskey, and harmonious whiskey. If you want to taste the original flavor, you can drink it in pure drink. According to academic theory, diluting the whiskey with water to 20%of alcohol is the best state to show all the aroma of all whiskey. The aroma of wine has fruity, floral fragrance, honey, nuclear fruit fragrance, etc. Whiskey is a spirit that reflects the male style, and is a very mature and charming wine.
    Am wine

    Am wine uses sugar cane grain honey as the raw material. It has a sweet taste and fragrant. , Sweet taste, fragrant and rich alcohol aroma. It doesn't matter whether Rum is aged, mainly depending on whether it is originally originally produced. Rum is native to Cuba, and the number of alcohol is 38-40 degrees. It is very face to give gifts. It can be selected according to each other's preferences. It is divided into two styles: light and strong.

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