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  1. 1. Look at the mark of the sign.
    Stique products According to national standards, they must be marked with printing and its purity. The jewelry is PT or PLATNUM or PLAT, which is platinum, that is, platinum. In addition, pay attention to copper silver -plated symbols, it is SF.
    2, heavy.
    If the seal is blurred, or the seal has been intercepted, this method can be adopted. The density of platinum is high, the proportion is 21.4 kg / meter, and the proportion of silver is 10.49 kg / meter. In this way, the weight of the same volume of silver is only half of the platinum. It is easier to distinguish between the two. The weight of the two can be distinguished by the weight.
    3, color.
    The silver jewelry is mostly yellowish white, with a soft metallic luster. Because it is easy to oxidize, the color will become dark yellow and white. Platinum is stable and strong. Platinum is one of the most resistant metals in acid, alkali, high temperature, etc., and will not fade or change color.
    4, ductility.
    The hardness and ductility of the silver are less. The steel needle can be traces or bend, and the sterling silver can be burned with fire. , Will not affect the color of jewelry, good ductility also makes it suitable for processing, melting, friction, corrosion -resistant; chemical stability at high temperature.
    5, price.
    The platinum price is much higher than silver jewelry, mainly due to the rarity of platinum. 1 ton of platinum ore can only be refined by about 3 grams of platinum. 3 grams are equivalent to the weight of a smaller platinum ring. It takes about 8 weeks and a lot of energy to extract these platinum.
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  2. 1. The price is different. The price of platinum (platinum) is generally around 200 yuan/gram, while silver is about 3-5 yuan/gram.
    2, silver is easy to oxidize, and platinum does not.
    When the two were just bought, the color was the same, and both were pure white. However, silver can easily produce oxidation reactions and turn black. Platinum can always maintain pure white luster and never fade.
    3. The most direct way to distinguish Platinum is to find platinum propaganda in jewelry-PT or platinum.
    If according to national regulations, the back of each platinum jewelry must be engraved with a proper sign of platinum: PT or platinum (platinum), and after the sign, it is necessary to indicate that the purity of platinum purification is a thousand points containing a priced content. Such as platinum (platinum) or PT950, PT990, PT999, the latter two are commonly known as foot platinum and thousands of foot platinum.
    Platinum rings
    Pure silver rings
    extension information:
    platinum is a symbol of eternal love:
    Features, Platinum is known as the "love metal", which is considered to be the best symbol of love eternal. Witness the promise of newcomers to make a lifetime and start a new journey of life.
    In in China, the "love metal" platinum has been deeply rooted in the people's hearts in the young group. At the same time, the well -quality and simple platinum ring is also favored by newcomers. Platinum can be worn at any time, reminding the eternal love and commitment between lovers. In China, nearly 70 % of Chinese brides choose a pure eternal platinum wedding ring, which is higher in first -tier cities, and this trend is still growing.
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  3. Platinum rings and silver rings can be identified through the following points to see the poke printing of the inner ring of the ring
    The precious metal jewelry should be engraved on the jewelry to indicate the metal material. His unique mark, platinum is platinum, and its chemical element symbols are PT, because platinum English is platinum or Plat, which is not fake. Therefore, when such a letter appears in the inner ring of the ring Then it must be a platinum ring. You need to pay attention to the category of platinum, because the platinum content of metal is different, and there will be a slight difference. It is mainly manifested in the numbers behind the letters. Relatively, the lower the hardness. The stamp of silver is S, or Silver, AG.
    The platinum ring
    The difference in appearance
    The as a rare and precious metal was scrambled to be sought after began in more than 2,000 years ago. The participation of platinum. In terms of appearance, the color of Platinum and silver is still different. Although they are all white, in fact, if you look closely, you will find that the color of the platinum is white and gray, and the silver is a bright white, a little stabbing, and it is a little bit. The texture of silver is delicate and smooth. The proportion of platinum is larger than that of silver. Between 15 and 21.4, silver is smaller than that of silver. The proportion of silver is 10.49. Therefore You can know.
    Platinum rings
    Thefold method identification
    If the ring you buy home and want to identify authenticity, then there are many ways to use it. Regarding the difference between platinum and silver, the fire burning method can be used. The stability of platinum is very good. Except for the heating king water, no material can float the world, so the real gold we often say is not afraid of fire refining. After the fire burned, the original color still maintains the original color after cooling. It does not change color, just like the cruelty of time cannot fade, and silver will show moisturizing red or black and red.

  4. 1. Differential printing
    If according to the national precious metal standards, each piece of jewelry must be engraved with the printing of ingredients. Therefore, buying platinum identifying the PT logo, or seeing Platinum and PLAT, that is platinum;
    White K gold, its code WG (White Gold). Generally, WG585 (14K), WG750 (18K), or only digital representation is used abroad. If you see S, or see Silver, it is silver. In addition, it is SF to pay attention to copper silver -plated symbols.
    2. Weight
    If the seal is blurred, or the seal has been intercepted, this method can be adopted.
    The density of platinum, a proportion of 21.4 kg / meter, and the proportion of silver is 10.49 kg / meter. In this way, the weight of the same volume of silver is only half of the platinum, and the two are easier to distinguish.
    3. Comparison method
    The words of platinum are gray -white, the texture is hard, and the hardness is 4.3. Looking at the silver eyes, the color is white, the texture is more delicate and moist, the hardness is lower than that of platinum, and the hardness is 2.7.
    4. Chemistry method
    Miolin is grinded on the golden stone, and a few drops of mixed liquid dripped with nitric acid and hydrochloric acid. If the grinding marks exist, it means that it is platinum. Drop this liquid on the silver, the grinding marks will be lost.
    5. Observation
    Platinum has a natural white luster and never fade. If the white metal jewelry purchased by consumers will be darkened in the air for a long time, it must not be platinum.

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