2 thoughts on “How to distinguish between platinum diamond ring”

  1. 1. Identification of ring materials. There are two types of rings: a single material and a variety of materials. The former is made of platinum, gold or silver, and the latter is made of platinum, gold or gold, and gold. In addition, the ring is still inlaid. Different types should be recognized correctly when buying.
    2. Example quality inspection. The rings are required to be uniform, harmonious in color, delicate density, bright and bright, shellless leather, scars or sand. During the appearance inspection, you should also see if there is a manufacturer code and a steel print that indicates gold or silver ingredients.
    3. Process quality inspection. The welding of the ring should be smooth, and the mouth must be thick; the pattern should be clear and non -stacked; the two sides should be neat, straight, no dog tooth shape, and the pattern combination should be coordinated; all components of the ring must be smooth and without burrs.
    4. Styling check. The shape of the ring is required to be beautiful, and the style is unique. For the symmetrical ring, the ring is required to be uniform, the height is consistent, and the thickness is equal. If it is a flower square ring, the ring surface is required to be flat, with edges and corners, and it is square. For the ring inlaid, the position of the gemstone is required to be stable, the gemstone and the holding seat must be strict, the smaller the gap, the better, the teeth of the holder should be smooth, and the position should be positive. For various rings, the tooth mouth is required to stand in the middle, and the finger wheel must be rounded.

  2. The real platinum
    . Platinum and white K gold have a very similar appearance, which is easy to confuse the two. It is necessary to know that the price of white K gold and platinum is very different. The easiest way to distinguish platinum and white K gold is to find the proprietary symbol of platinum. According to national regulations, there must be platinum, platinum, platinum or PT on the back or inner circle of each platinum jewelry, and must be behind the logo must be behind the logo. It indicates that the purity of platinum (platinum content), such as PT990, PT950, etc., recognize this small logo to have a real platinum diamond ring.

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