2 thoughts on “What are the classic diamond rings?”

  1. The average diamond ring -type ring is not the main one diamond, emphasizing the balance of small particles diamonds. It is decorated with a star -like diamond with a whole ring, but it is shining but not publicity. When wearing everyday, it will not appear obtrusive. It can also be matched with other diamond jewelry during the dress.

  2. In fact, the styles of diamond ring, that is, are those, which are changed on the basis of that, but to put it bluntly, it is a circle of diamonds. If your girlfriend is slender, it is easy to buy the ring, the hands are good, and generally hold it, but if it is proposal or marriage, it is recommended that you choose a classic style, simple and elegant and out of date. If you have a brand, you have to choose a meaningful brand. The diamond ring is similar, but if the ring contains a unique meaning, it is much worse. My friend made a Levis diamond ring on the real name last time, implying that he would never give up his life. Her girlfriend likes it! I plan to get married next year!

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