Please introduce the world's top luxury brand!

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The brand that I want to find is not the public, it can be said that if you have money, you may not be able to buy it. Instead, it must be top -level, which is equivalent to the people who retreat to the rivers and lakes!

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  1. Louis Vuitton: Louis Vuitton, referred to as LV for short, was founded in 1845. It is famous for its fine workmanship. The products include leather, leather boxes, travel supplies, men's and women's clothing, watches, etc. For more than one hundred and fifty years, Louis Vuitton's exquisite, quality, and comfortable "travel philosophy" has been widely respected, and the celebrities of various countries are popular. In 2004, LV held a new product launch conference in Hong Kong. Model Zhang Ziyi was worth $ 760,000 in clothing and more than 6 million yuan. Among mainland Chinese stores, a tie ribbon suitcase sells for more than RMB 18,000. If you buy ordinary suitcases, you can buy two hundred; if you buy rice, you can buy eight tons.

    Thebaolong: MONT BLANC, also translated as a synonym for the Mongolian and Bronze Peak, the classic writing tools, and Mercedes-Benz and Mark, called the "3M" of Germany. The brand was founded in 1906. The products include expensive watches, high -quality leather goods, men's fashion accessories, etc. Users include social celebrities such as Queen Elizabeth, President Kennedy, Pope of Roman and great writer Hemingway. The company has a royal diamond gobuga pen, which is inlaid with 4,800 broken diamonds and sells for about 1.2 million yuan. Ordinary round beads are priced at more than 2,300 yuan. If you buy ordinary ballpoint pens, you can buy 4,000 pieces; if you buy bread, you can buy 3,000.

    Binry: Bentley, also translated as Ben Teri, is known for its luxury and luxury rich concept car, and the Queen of England designated the royal driver. Bentley cars are the most famous is its excellent handicrafts and harsh materials. Each car needs to use at least 400 high -quality cowhide, which is about fifteen cows.
    Bentley 728 extended version is 8.88 million yuan. This car sells first in the world in China. The purchase tax is equivalent to a Mercedes -Benz S320. The value of a manual curtain on the car is About 170,000 yuan, if you buy ordinary curtains, you can buy 177 kilometers, which is equivalent to two Mount Everest; if you buy a cotton coat, you can buy 4,000 pieces.

    Kristen Dior: Christian Dior, French brand, pronoun for gorgeous women's clothing. Established in 1946, in addition to high -end women's clothing and high -end clothing, there are perfumes, fur, headscarves, sweater, underwear, cosmetics, jewelry and shoes. At the Ghana Film Festival in 2004, Hong Kong actress Chen Huilin wore a CD evening dress, and the price of the decoration alone was close to two million Hong Kong dollars. The hot girl Victoria once customized a bottle of Clive Christian perfume for his company for his Fu Fu Beckham. It is used to buy household water, you can buy 120,000 cubic meters, enough for three hundred years of a family of three.

    Burberry: Burberry, also translated as a typical representative of Berbeli, Burlie, British -style elegant, on the Chinese golf course, noble wine clubs, everywhere can be seen everywhere /Square label. The brand was founded in 1856, and the products include clothing, perfume, fur, headscarf, sweater and shoes. In 1955 and 1989, the "Royal Royal Guarantee" badge was awarded twice in the British royal family.
    It in the stores in mainland China, a women's wool coat sells for about 20,000 yuan, and the umbrella with an umbrella with the classic sign of Belle is about 1,200 yuan. One is specifically made for pet dogs The dog jacket is priced at 2,995 yuan. According to the introduction of the shopping guide, a dog jacket needs at least four such dog jackets in winter, because- "Your dog always changes to wash!"
    is 11,980 yuan, which is equivalent to the tuition fee of 400 children who have been in school, which is equivalent to a Chinese farmer's life, but now, it is just a dog's clothing fee for winter.

    Rolex: Rolex, the classic brand of the Swiss watch industry, was founded in 1908, with solemn, practical, and not glorious style. Twenty -four teammates, Hong Kong Chief Executive Dong Jianhua's wrist is also a dignified and elegant Rolex steel watch. "Little Sweet" Britney once bought a Rolex watch worth 65,000 pounds for her husband, which is about 800,000 yuan; I have taken 342,000 Swiss francs, which is more than 2 million yuan; Greenwich Type II oyster watch is the first watch to appear on Everest. Ninety -three hundred yuan, if you buy a domestic mid -range watch, you can buy more than 400 yuan; buy urea, you can buy 26 tons.

    Rotos: LOTOS, the most expensive glasses supplier in the world. The brand was founded in 1872, including watches, glasses and jewelry. The company's glasses are all made by hand, generally only for order. The most expensive pair of glasses were set with forty -four diamonds, selling for about 500,000 euros, which was more than 5 million yuan. The buyer was a lady of Switzerland. In addition, there are high -priced glasses that cost about 100,000 or 200,000.
    In on the counter of a spectacle shop in Beijing, the company's products are very popular. The cheapest pair of glasses are 35,000 yuan, which is equivalent to thirty 24 -inch domestic color TVs. If you buy pork You can buy more than 7,000 pounds.

    Cartier, French brand, founded in 1847. In addition to extremely expensive jewelry and clocks, the product also includes leather goods, glasses, writing tools, lighters, etc. For more than 150 years, he has been respected by the nobles and celebrities of the king and celebrities. Once exhibited in China, the value cannot be estimated. Taking the "Cheetah" brooch as an example, all the leopard body is made of platinum. Leopard eyes are a pair of pear -shaped yellow color diamonds. The rock squatting of cheetah is a 152.35 -carats of Kashmir grinding round cut sapphire. Essence At the wedding of Prince Monaco, the ring, necklace, and crown of the princess Gris Kelly was also a masterpiece of Cartier.
    Camellia platinum necklace, worth about RMB 25 million; "Foot color nationally American pillow -shaped" diamond earrings, auctional valuations of more than 25 million Hong Kong dollars; two weighs on the famous snake -shaped necklace weighing Water drops of more than two hundred carats are valued at about RMB 67 million. Among the Chinese stores, a stainless steel key ring is priced at 1,800 yuan, and you can buy half -tonbal snails.

    Weichwood: Wedgwood, also translated as Victoriawood, the most delicate porcelain in the world, synonymous with taste. The brand was founded in the eighteenth century. Products were respected by successful global people and celebrities. They used to make tableware for Russian Tsar Caterina II. The national treasure. In 1793, the British ambassador to China, Weicwood porcelain was also one of the gifts dedicated to Emperor Qianlong.
    Veicwood bone porcelain vessels use animal bone powder as the main raw material, and the endurance is amazing. Four coffee cups can hold a fifteen tons of soil transportation car. The price is also very expensive. Among the stores in mainland China, a Weichhwood porcelain bowl is priced as high as thousands of yuan. A former minister in Australia had been fiercely criticized by the opposition party for buying a set of Weicwood tea set. Eighty rice cookers.

    Genonia: Zegna, Italian men's quality, founded in 1910, the products include suits, sweaters, casual clothes and underwear. Former US President Clinton, former French President Mitterlang, British Prince Charles, and Hollywood Star Clark have shown Jenia in public.
    Jeronia entered China in 1991, and now China has become his fourth largest market in the world. The brand provides tailor -made services. One of the suits is priced at 16,000 yuan, and only 50 sets are made each year. The price of ordinary shirts is more than $ 265. The first buyer must make at least three pieces at a time. Among the stores in mainland China, I have seen a customer set a shirt at one time, with a total value of nearly 40,000 yuan. If you buy roll tube toilet paper, you can buy 40,000 tube; Make two thousand people full.

    Armani, the Italian brand, the most elegant advanced corrosion. The brand was founded in 1975. The products include clothing, perfume, jewelry, watch, cosmetics, home decoration, etc. Since the brand was founded, almost all acting stars have had intimate contact with it. The Oscar awarding party and Ghana Film Festival can be seen everywhere. Armani carefully designed dresses. In 2005, the brand launched the new Prive suit series, ranging from 200,000 to 700,000 yuan. Its main brand George Amani has always been highly respected by successful people. Among the stores in mainland China, a T -shirt containing 43 % cotton and 57 % blended material is priced at 7,900 Yuan, equivalent to the annual salary of a blue -collar worker in Mainland China. If you buy a pencil to donate a child, you can buy 40,000 branches and use forty branches each year to allow a child to use it for a thousand years.

    Dengxi Road: Dunhill, British brand, products include men's clothing, leather goods, lighters, smoke buckets, watches, men's accessories, etc. Picasso, Elvis, Churchill, King of Spain, the Duke of Kente, Norway, King Siam, King of Egypt, the Dutch Prince, the Grand Duke of India, and the Duke of Windsor have all been loyal customers of the brand. Deng Xilu Yantou has always been the love of gentlemen, and the price is as high as tens of thousands of yuan. Among the Dengxi Road specialty stores in mainland China, a windproof lighter is priced at 5,75 yuan, and you can sell 2,000 pounds of eggs. If you use it to buy tofu, you can buy six tons and eat five pounds a day. For nearly seven years.

    Chanel, the world's top women's clothing, founded in Paris, France in 1913. The products include women's clothing, perfume, cosmetics, leather, watches, jewelry, sunglasses, shoes and various accessories Wait. The famous double C logo makes celebrities all over the world crazy. Among the stores in mainland China, a female leather jacket is priced at 70,000 yuan. The tramp has lived in a cheap hotel for 22 years; a bowl of five yuan, this leather can buy 14,000 bowls of beef noodles, enough to eat a strong hard work for eight years.
    The famous saying of Marilyn Monroe: In bed, I only wear Chanel 5.

    Fragmu: Salvatore Ferragamo, a model of Italian shoes. The brand was founded in the 1920s, and products include fashion, leather goods, watches, leather shoes and various accessories. Ferragam's shoes -making art and craftsmanship are widely respected. The deep love of celebrities in various countries has the reputation of "Hollywood Red Star Shoe Make". Singer Madonna, Star Audrey Hepburn, Sophia Roland, Marilyn Monroe, Star Michael Jordan, former American President Clinton, British Princess Diana, Duke of Windsor, Mrs. Marcos in the Philippines are all the brand. Loyal fans.
    If in the store in mainland China, a pair of Ferragmu leather shoes cost more than 5,000 yuan. The author has seen a Wenzhou businessman who purchased four pairs of leather shoes at a time, with a total price of more than 20,000 yuan. If you buy this cheap laundry powder, you can buy 10,000 packs; buy October oranges, you can buy more than 7 tons.

    Rafite: Lafite, synonymous with French red wine. Raphabort is located in the Modok area in the Bordeaux area. It became the court of Louis XIV as early as the 18th century. The love of the kings and celebrities of various kings. In the novel, the name of 160,000 US dollars was a famous wine, and the bottle was an abbreviation of the third president of the United States Jefferson. It is one of the most expensive wines in history. Another bottle is also engraved with TH.J. mark, which is also a Margaux (Marga) winery red wine produced in 1777. It used to call $ 500,000 at a high price. Twenty -fifty thousand dollars have become the most expensive broken wine bottle in history.
    In hotels in mainland China, a bottle of Lafa red wine in 1982 is priced at 2.8888 yuan, which is equivalent to five Chinese migrant workers' annual wages. Ordinary bulk liquor can buy fifteen tons.

    Tiffany, the premier high -end jewelry store in the United States, was founded in 1837. The products include jewelry, gifts, tableware, etc., known as the "king of diamonds". During the seventy years, celebrities loved by various countries. Users include Queen Victoria, King of Italy, Mrs. Lincoln, movie star Elizabeth Taylor, Jane Fangda, Audrey Hepburn, etc., even more reputation exceeding Paris brand Cartier. The famous movie "Tan Vanny's Breakfast" in 1961 was named here.
    The Vanni's products have always been well -known for exquisite workmanship and expensive price. A solo ring of a 3:55 carat is priced at $ 98,000; a single diamond ring with a 0.8 -eight -eight -eight -eight -eight -eight -eight -eight -eight -eight -eight -eight -eights, color F, and Clear VS1 price Thousands of yuan, equivalent to the total annual income of a Chinese white -collar worker. If you buy a live fish, you can buy 10,000 pounds.

    Patek Philippe: Pate Philippe, the top brand of Swiss watch industry, Rolls -Royce in the famous watch. Established in 1838, more than 170 years was highly respected. The customers include 100 kings and 54 queens. , Tchaikovsky and other famous nobles in history.
    Patek Philippe's slogan: No one can have Patek Philippe, but it is just custody for the next generation. This indirectly illustrates his honor and luxury. Patek Philippe pursues a limited production strategy, with a maximum annual output of not more than 30,000, and is only available in the world's top famous stores. At the same time, Patek Philippe has always maintained a tradition of manually manufacturing one watch each year. The price is about 30 million yuan.
    The Patek Philippe watches with a number of three -six -sixth auction price of 350,700 US dollars; the watch produced in 1933 was sold at a sky -high price of $ 11 million, which is a RMB for RMB About 90 million yuan is one of the most expensive watches in history. The cheaper is the permanent calendar platinum watch on the hands of Russian President Putin, worth 60,000 US dollars, about 500,000 yuan, which is equivalent to 200 years of wages of a rural primary school teacher. If you buy edible oil, you can buy ten ten Six thousand pounds, half a catty every day can allow a home of ordinary three mouths to take 870 years.

    Stanway: Steinway, a model of precious piano, was founded in New York, USA in 1853. It is the designated piano of the Chopin International Piano Contest and the Tchaikovsky International Piano Contest. Over the world's famous pianist, the piano is used. Among the popular stars, Elvis, John Lennon, etc. are loyal customers of the brand. Sosby auctioned a large piano in 1980 with a transaction price of 390,000 US dollars. A Stan Weitan Wood vertical piano used by John Lennon during his lifetime. The auction is valued at 900,000 £ 100,000, which is RMB 11 million to 1,3 million.
    If in the famous piano shop in mainland China, a Stanwei's nine -foot piano is priced at 1.35 million yuan. This money can buy more than 100 ordinary piano and buy more than 500 assembly computers; if Buying a discount ticket can fly between Beijing and Shanghai 3,400 times, once a day, you can fly for nearly half a year.

    Eliersen, classic work of Danish home products. The brand was founded in 1895. It was mainly produced in the early days. After the factory was burned in the fire in 1934, Ilesen The company began to produce high -quality software furniture, and has gradually become a model for global high -quality sofas for more than 70 years.
    Ilassen sofa is known for its simple and comfortable design concept. Users include the royal family of Nordic and celebrities in the world. Among the stores in mainland China, a double sofa is priced at 43,300 yuan; the prince of Denmark Fedrek chose a uniquely designed casual chair as the royal sofa. The sofa was sold in China in China. The price is 4,700 yuan, which is equivalent to four years of salary income in a restaurant in a restaurant in China. If you buy cheap schoolbags, you can buy 8,000.

    Prada: Prada, Italian fashion brand, founded in 1913. Products mainly include leather nylon products, senior fashion, shoes, accessories, glasses, cosmetics, etc. Prada started with premium leather products. In the 1920s and 1930s, it was favored by the princes and nobles of Europe. Many members of the European royal family became his loyal customers. In recent years, it has been popular, and the famous inverted triangle logo has become synonymous with fashion and taste. Chief designer Miuccia Prada has joined the Italian Communist Party and is now one of the "most power" women in the world. According to Forbes estimates, her value is about 1.4 billion US dollars.
    Prada has launched a custom suit service in recent years, with a set of suits ranging from 2,200 to 6,000 US dollars. Among the stores in mainland China, a nylon -made backpack is priced at more than 5,000 yuan, and a leather money clip is priced at 3,300 yuan, which is equivalent to two years of living expenses for a poor college student. You can buy two hundred; if you use it for the long words of IP, you can play for eight days.


  2. The car is, it is Rolls Royce
    The sports clothes and shoes are Adi Nike
    The watch is Rolex
    ? It is said that 660,000 pounds per square meter
    . The others seem to have a lot of
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