5 thoughts on “Is Zhou Dasheng the same source of gold?

  1. Zhou Dasheng and Chow Tai Fook are the brands of two gold jewelry. They are not a company. Do each business. The source of gold is definitely not a channel. Zhou Dasheng is a Hong Kong jewelry company. It was officially established in 1966. Chow Tai Fook is a golden monopoly company. Its history is longer than Zhou Dasheng.

  2. Zhou Dasheng, Zhou Dafu's golden sources are different.
    Because Zhou Dasheng and Chow Tai Fook belong to two different companies, there are chain stores across the country.
    Different companies, the source of gold is different.

  3. Zhou Dasheng and Zhou Dafu are actually a shop. Their golden sources may be the same, but in specific cases, they will not say, and no one knows, but according to my guess, it must be together.

  4. The source must be different, after all, it is two companies and two brands.
    but no matter what, in fact, their quality is similar, but because of processing, it will be different from the price.

  5. Different. Because two are independent brands, there is no related connection. The history of Zhou Dafu has a long history, with a history of 80 years, and Zhou Dasheng has only a short history that has only recently emerged.

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