What are the clothing wholesale markets in Guangzhou? The price of cheap clothes and fashionable

Can the GGDDJJMMs try to say as carefully as possible? Quality workmanship, consumption level distribution, where is boutique, thank you

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  1. One: Guangdong’s second largest clothing tail cargo market Location: Changgang Middle Road. Seeing that there are two streets behind Yongle Life Electric, mostly imitation brand names.
    : Thirteen lines 1 to 3rd floor are low -end, which is more expensive than Shahe.

    three: Shahe is the largest denim city in China, the largest and largest clothing wholesale distribution center in China, the best pickup point for low -grade clothing, be sure to see it.
    four: Ishii Kyuga’s majority wholesale market, South China’s largest clothing tail shelter wholesale market, must know that it is a tail goods, but some goods are really cheap. Go north from the train station to go north for a while. There are famous tail goods in Jindong, you must watch it.

    Guangzhou is the South China Clothing Center. The Guangzhou clothing wholesale market is on the station in front of the station next to the train station. , Thirteen Elements, New Dadi Wholesale Market, Kangle Cowboy City, etc. The office buildings of Baima, Red Cotton, and Tianma are mainly branded, while flowing flowers and stations are the first choice for mid -range products. The thirteenth line is the main wholesale place for low -end goods. Backgammon and new earth are knitwear and sweater wholesale concentrated land.

    It recommended to go to the west, otherwise you will feel bad in other places!

  2. Guangzhou Cosmic Clothing Shoes Industry Plaza · Zhongda fabric market · Guangzhou Haiyin wool fabric general exchange · Golden Elephant needle spinning and wholesale center · new star clothing business building · Tianma clothing wholesale market · Hongmian step high fashion square · flowing flower clothing wholesale market · Guangzhou Wanjia Clothing Wholesale Plaza · Shisanxing Clothing Wholesale Street · Gaodi Street Clothing Industrial Street · Donghe Clothing Wholesale City · Guangzhou Shadong Faculty Wholesale City · Guangzhou Mayor Fun Clothing Wholesale City · Guangzhou Zhongda City Huiming Bay City Clothing and distribution city · Guangzhou Zhongda Ruikang Clothing Materials City · Changjiang Clothing Accessories Plaza · Guangzhou Pearl Clothing City · Guangdong Xintang International Cowboy Costume Textile City · Zhongshan Eight Road Nantian Children’s Clothing Plaza · Guangzhou International Lighting City · Shahe Fashion Wholesale Market · Guangzhou Jingdu casual clothing brand business building · Guangzhou Zengcheng Xintang denim city · Guangzhou Wantong clothing wholesale market · Guangzhou children’s clothing big world · Guangzhou R

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