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  1. You must have brothers and sisters! I also have brothers and sisters. I have my brother who cares and loves me everywhere, a lively and cheerful sister, a happy and naughty brother, and a naive, kind and lovely sister. Today, I will tell you and my brothers and sisters.
    . My brother
    . My brother has a good grade and looks good. He has a pair of eyes, a small and exquisite nose, a large mouth, and the brother is tall. Thin, it looks very kind. My brother's grades are one of the best, and the exam is always the top three in the grade. His temper was very stubborn. He said that he would never change. Once, my brother and I agreed to watch the game together at night. As a result, I would like to watch the movie with my classmates to prepare for the game. When I told my brother, my brother became thundered and said, "If you don't come, I will cut off my brother and sister." I had to accompany him to watch the game. Because of his stubborn temper, I had a lot of suffering, but I didn't blame my brother at all, because when others bully me, my brother always stepped forward to get angry for me. This is my brother.
    . My brother
    . My brother is handsome, thick eyebrows, big eyes, tall nose bridge, big mouth, a little shorter than me, and fat. But his grades are not worse than me at all, better than me! He was very funny. Once, we went to Changsha to tuition. When he came back, he bought a big watermelon. He said he almost squeezed the watermelon. As a result, he really broke a big mouth. He, naughty vomiting his tongue, it is really crying! After this incident, I called him in the back: "The great prophet Wang Chenxin". Ha ha! This is my smart and handsome brother.
    The sister
    . Although my sister is not beautiful, she always dress neatly and clean. Her round face has a pair of black glass -like eyes. Her nose is small, like a small garlic, her mouth is large, although her grades are not prominent, but her paintings are very painted, but her paintings are very painted very well. nice. My sister is cheerful and naughty. I was miserable by her. For example, I went to her house to play. She painted paint on the chair and made my clothes dirty. After a meal, she still did not forget her sex and continued her prank. She was very careless, so she lost a lot of points in the examination room and had a lot of suffering, such as: Isn't it 193-93 = 100, but she wrote it into 193-93 = 106. Ha ha! Interesting! This is my happy sister.
    I my sister
    I I have two sisters, a cousin, and a cousin I tell the story of me and my cousin today.
    This cousin is cute, a small braid, light eyebrows, shiny eyes, exquisite nose, and a slightly raised lips, she is naive and cute. She was fun, once: when we went to paint, she couldn't worry about crying. I really couldn't stand it anymore, so I helped her draw a lotus flower. She smiled and smiled. She asked me to draw one after another. Looking at her serious small appearance, I couldn't help laughing. This is my cute and naive cousin.
    This is my brother and sister.

  2. The family unity of the family
    national unity family. There is a lyrics called "Home is a home, and the country is Great China." No one is unfamiliar with this lyrics. China is a unified multi -ethnic country. Since the Qin Dynasty, my country has been a unified multi -ethnic country. It has never been interrupted in the history of more than two thousand years. my country is broad. 56 ethnic groups live on 9.6 million square kilometers. National unity is the most important issue in China. In today's China, it is the top priority to do a good job of national unity. National unity is conducive to the development of the country, the unity of the people, and enhancing the sense of responsibility among nations.
    It in the rules of Islam, there is a sentence called "Everyone who believes in Islam is brothers and sisters", then I add one sentence, "Every believe that China is a unified, harmonious, prosperous multi -ethnic country The people of the home, the people who maintain the relationship between the nations are brothers and sisters. "
    Since the establishment of New China, China has developed rapidly. Because of what, because of the unity between nations, if there is no unity between nations, China cannot develop rapidly.
    7.5 incidents, due to the influence of foreign forces, and the distrust between domestic nations and not united, led to the outbreak of the 7.5 incident. After the outbreak, the importance of more talents of talent consciousness. Three cannot be carved slowly in the minds of each ethnic compatriot since then. The Han nationality cannot be separated from ethnic minorities, and ethnic minorities cannot be separated from the Han nationality, and the ethnic minorities cannot be separated from each other. National unity is always the prerequisite for the development of a country. If it is not united between a country, it is impossible to have a strong country.
    The caring mother in Kazakhstan in Burjin County, Xinjiang-Lida helped poor children from all ethnic groups all year round. After laid off, Lida started to start from the street, and now runs a national craft shop. In 2003, Lida joined for more than a hundred other sisters to co -founded the "Love Mother" Association of Burzin County. For 5 years, the love mothers have helped more than 20 poor children and difficult people in poor or lonely and disabled in all ethnic groups. Donated materials reached more than 100,000 yuan. Lida: "I am a laid -off worker. At that time, many people helped me. If it wasn't for them, I would not have a good day today. Now I have the ability and conditions, so I help others. Our ethnic Han nationality. They are all a family. Only when everyone is united, the days of our people will be better every day. "
    is by our side because there are people like Lida beside us. There is no nation in their hearts. There is no level of restrictions. Only to let us have a new home together. There are countless people like Lida in the entire Great China. They know that there is no national distinction in China, everything is equal. 56 There are no levels of all ethnic groups, and there is no high or low. Only our 56 ethnic groups are together, live in harmony, and live in harmony. Only can our country more prosperous and stronger. Only by individual nationality, we are the real family.

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