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  1. Sister love

    The love is all kinds of, with father and daughter, mother and child love, classmate love ... Only sisters are so worthy of cherishment.
    This and I grew up with my sister since I was a child. There are nothing to talk about between the two. We are not only sisters, but also their confidants. My sister is a lively and cute and introverted girl. What is always in my heart, do n’t say it, it ’s not like I have something to say. Since my sister went to high school, the relationship between my sister and I became more and more rusty. There are very few opportunities to meet. Sometimes I have thought about writing to my sister, because of many reasons such as shyness, it dispelled this idea. Ah, two days will be my birthday. I wonder if my sister can come back on September 18th to spend a 14th birthday for me? I kept my heart
    thinking. That day was just Saturday, maybe my sister would come back, and I was looking forward to it.
    That day, in order to celebrate my 14th birthday, my parents prepared dumplings at home, and bought another duck. In the evening, my parents kept busy, making a rich dinner and waiting for my sister to come back to eat together. Time passed, and it was almost at 7 o'clock, and we waited anxiously. Suddenly, I heard the gradual footsteps get closer and closer. At first glance, my sister came back. When my sister saw, such a rich dinner, said strangely, "What is it today?" Mom smiled and said, "Today is your sister's 14th birthday." The sister said embarrassed, "Look at my nature, I forgot my sister's birthday. "" It doesn't matter! As long as the family eats a reunion dinner together, I am very happy. R n Before going to bed, my sister suddenly took a delicate packaging gift and said to me, "My sister wishes you a happy birthday, I wish you a good mood every day, and the laughter is often open every day. "I said suddenly," Oh, my sister, you're playing with me. I also said I don't know my birthday. "If you don't hide it from you, why are there any surprises? What gift do you see? I opened a layer of packaging and a small and exquisite alarm clock appeared in front of me. Sister's gravity said," Don't look at this alarm clock Small, it can be large! You can get up early to study every day without delaying learning. "I held the alarm clock in my hand. This is not only a piece of item, but also a sister's feelings, a sustenance, and an expectation. Deep.
    The unforgettable sisters.

  2. The 512 earthquake in Mianzhu City, the most severe disaster, lived in a family. There was a pair of sisters in the family. The relationship was not very good. My sister thought was a careful girl. She was very jealous of her sister. The younger sister was three hours later than her, and she looked beautiful. When the adults hugged her, she liked to laugh at others, showing a cute look. The neighbor neighbors liked her. When I was a child, although many adults liked their sister Joan, their family still liked it. But the days are not long. Entering elementary school, thinking is very quiet, Qiong is very grinning, and the two people have the same performance. After entering the high years, Qiong has obvious progress. Not only does he surpass thinking in terms of learning, but he also has piano training on weekdays to overtake Si. Since then, parents have prefer Qiong. Although Si is the school brigade and class leader, but because of his grades and his parents' preference, he began to hate Qiong's birth and became very torture Qiong, which led to the relationship between the two.

    On the afternoon of the 12th, the sisters just quarreled at home and held a tired body to school. 28 points are here, and the mountains are shaking. With the swing of the teaching building, the sisters have lost their focus. The sister's subconscious knows that this may be a big earthquake. The first idea in her mind is to take her sister to escape. When the earthquake came positively, the sister quickly hugged the sister around her and ran towards the playground quickly with her hand. The stone on the house quickly smashed down and blocked the road. Seeing that her sister was about to trip, her sister held her sister with her sister's heart and picked up her sister, and she stepped forward difficultly. The ground was still shaking, the stones kept smashing down, the sisters were hiding from the stone, the stone on it was about to smash the sister push away the sister, and the sister helped her sister to reach the playground safely. The sister was because of the stone. Slowing too much blood and fainting, a teacher quickly ran towards them and hugged her sister to run with her sister outside. I do n’t know how much tears have been stored in my sister's eyes, and my sister's eyes are tide.

    It thoughts were finally awakened. Qiong saw her waking up, not to mention how happy she was, she yelled happily, and her tears flowed out of her eyes. The nurse stopped her and told her that her sister needed to rest.

    Qiong didn't want to disturb her, so he went out. The nurse quietly told Si, "In fact, your sister also hurts. She would rather not look at it, and came to take care of you." Si shed tears again. Suddenly, the sister's call for help was sounded outside the room. She ran towards out of the house, but who knows, the sister immediately fainted, the doctors began to rescue, and the result was surprising. The sister died. After more, she was unclear. She insisted on it for two whole days. In theory, she would die on the spot. How could there be such a miracle? When people thought that when her sister saved her, she didn't see any stones hit her. How could this be like this? This is still a mystery.

    of course, after the sister asked the teacher, she knew all. She hid it in her heart. younger sister.

    (The love of the world is not precious, I hope the sisters of the world can cherish each other's sisters.)

  3. A little yellowed diary, hiding at the deepest part of the desk drawer, I opened quietly. It records that my sister was just in elementary school, and I was 2 years old.
    At that time, I still didn't understand anything. I only knew myself who had eaten, drinking, and fun all day. Every morning, I always got up early in the morning, crying and making trouble on the bed. As a result, after waking up everyone, I fell asleep on the bed. My mother only hugged me every day, accompanied me, spoil me, and did not manage my sister's study at all. At that time, the elementary school students had a curious heart and couldn't control themselves. However, in such a learning environment, she still does not have a lot of performance like everyone else, but she managed herself well to make her results among the top grades. The strength of the first place is steadily. In such an environment, she did not complain about my mother; in such an environment, she did not complain about her aunt who loved me abnormally; in such an environment, she did not complain about me as a sister, but instead, but instead, she instead. Seeing them, he proudly said that he had a sister, lively and cute, well -behaved and obedient, always causing them to envy them for a while. She also wrote that her mother was severe to her, and her kind to me. The sentence on the diary is so real and natural, and the picture is presented in front of my eyes ... Time is like a drop of water on the tip of the needle in the flow of time. There is no sound or shadow. The time passed, and the diary also turned over on a page ...
    . A little yellowed diary, I quietly opened again, and let it hide into the desk drawer deepest. At the point. The curtains that stayed in the corner drifted with the wind, rubbed the corners of my red eyes, and then returned to the corner with the wind.

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