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  1. Nowadays, many people want to invest in gold, because gold has a lot of investment value, and the risk aversion attributes are very strong. They can not only be used as family savings, but also resist inflation, but many people do not know how to buy and sell, which platform can buy and sell gold Intersection Let's take a look at the following.

    B sale of gold
    1, Stock Exchange: At present, you can buy golden stocks and gold ETF funds on the Stock Exchange. However, gold stocks and gold ETF funds are not equal to gold and are the way to indirectly invest in gold.
    2, banks: Most banks can buy gold bars. The price is slightly higher than that of the exchange. The benefits of buying gold in the bank are safer.
    3, gold shop: The more traditional gold purchase channels, there are gold jewelry, gold bar, and physical gold for choice.
    Gold is a single -quality form of chemical element gold (AU). It is a soft, golden, and precious metals that are not corrosive. , Modern Communications, Aerospace and Airlines and other departments.

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