3 thoughts on “Is Gu Laiyi a brand?”

  1. It is a brand. Ke Lai Lai is a well -known strong jewelry brand in Yunnan. The most valuable brand in China 500. The new generation of diamond customization centers. Focusing on providing high -quality, professional jewelry services for consumers in Yunnan, it is the brand of Yunnan people. It has been rooted in Yunnan for more than 30 years. It has covered the entire province of Yunnan. It is a large -scale professional jewelry company integrating jewelry research and development, processing, sales, and wholesale.

  2. The rich products of the guests include: gold, K gold, platinum, diamonds and other category jewelry. Under the leadership of the founder, Mr. Tan Qiming, the company has won the business philosophy of the market and the integrity of the brand, and has established a high -quality and perfect market network through a strict quality management system. More than 1,000 people; Shenzhen Branch with product research and development as the core, and supporting exhibition halls, processing factories, marketing planning, and other functional departments.

  3. Mr. Tan Qiming is also a processing craftsman. He has exquisite product craftsmanship, excellent quality, complete after -sales, and high cost performance. The shops in Kunming have been opened for more than 30 years. Return and referring to it. Although the big names in the city center have gathered in the market in recent years, the market competition is fierce. Yunnan Xiaotanke Lai Lai Jewelery, with its professional and high -quality service experience, cost -effective goods prices still occupy a lot of sales in the market.

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