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  1. 1 FANUC Fa Na (Shanghai Fana Ke Robot Co., Ltd.)
    This in Japan in 1956, providing high -reliability innovative machine/robot automation engineering/full electric injection molding equipment, high -precision electric spark processing machine/ Small processing centers and automated processing complete projects.

    2 ABB (ABB (China) Co., Ltd.)
    The focus on providing solutions for industry and power industry customers, leaders in global power and automation technology, Fortune 500 companies, ABB (ABB (ABB ( China) Co., Ltd.

    3 KUKA KUKA (KUKA Robot Manufacturing (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.) began in 1973. Under the German KUKA company, industrial robot manufacturer, self -chemical production equipment and solutions supply Business, Kuka Robot Manufacturing (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

    4 YASKAWA Anchuan (Anchuan Electric (China) Co., Ltd.)
    In 1915, well -known transmission product manufacturers, focusing on motors Product R

  2. Famous brands of industrial robots around the world are: Japan-FANUC, Germany-Kuka (), Japan-NACHI, Japan-Kawasaki Robot, Sweden-Robot, Swiss-Staubli (Staubli), Italy -Comau, Japan-Epson () robot, China-Siasun robot. China is the world's largest industrial robot application market. Among them, Guangzhou International Industrial Automation Technology and Equipment Exhibition, as the most influential industrial automation business exchange learning platform in South China, will become an important force to promote industrial development. Recently The automation exhibition will be held in the exhibition hall of the Canton Fair from February 26th to 28th, 2020. You can see many well-known industrial robotics brands at the scene, and look forward to the 2020 Guangzhou Automation Exhibition.

  3. World Ranking: ABB (Switzerland), Kuka (Germany), Anchuan (Japan), Fama (Japan), domestic ranking: new pine robot, Eston robot, Evot robot, wide number robot, Foshan Huashan u003Cbound Robot, Qianjiang Robot, Huichuan Robot, Li Qun Automation, Bai Tian Robot

  4. 1. FANUC -Japan
    FANUC is a company in Japan that specializes in CNC systems in Japan. It was established in 1956. It is the largest professional CNC system manufacturer in the world, accounting for 70% of the world's Market share.
    FANUC robotics products series are as many as 240 species, with weight from 0.5 kg to 1.35 tons. There are FANUC welding robots, cutting robots, and handling and palletizing robots. Different production links meet the different needs of customers.
    . KUKA () -The German
    Kuka and its German parent company are top manufacturers in the world's industrial robot and automatic control system. KUKA products are widely used in automobiles, metallurgy, food, food And plastic forming and other industries.
    KUKA's most common application scope of robotic products includes factory welding, operation, palletization, packaging, processing, processing, or other automated operations.
    three, Nachi (Nachi) Fuji -Vietnam -Japan
    NACHI Fujiro Company Factory was founded in Toyama, Japan. The company was established in 1928. In addition to making precision machinery, tools, bearings, oil compressors, etc., the robot part is also his focus. In part, first dedicated to the Japanese Toyota Motor Production Line Robot, specializing in making large -scale transport robots, point welding and arc welding robots, glue -coating robots, LCD glass board transmission robots and semiconductor chips to transmit robots Special robots used in the environment, robotics and robotic arms supported by precision machines.
    . Kawasaki Robot -Japan
    Kawasaki Robot (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. was invested by 100%of Kawasaki Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. The sales of industrial robots produced by Kawasaki Heavy Industries in China, after -sales service (maintenance, maintenance, maintenance, etc.), technical support and other related work in China.
    5. Robot
    abb groups ranked among Fortune 500 companies, and the group is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. ABB was merged by two historical international companies Sweden's Asea (ASEA) and the Brownbest Ferry Company () in Switzerland in 1988.
    At present, ABB robotics products and solutions have been widely used in welding, assembly, transportation, spraying, refined processing, packaging, and palletization of welding, assembly, spraying, precision processing, and palletization in many industries such as automotive manufacturing, food, and consumer electronics. Help customers greatly increase their productivity.
    . STAUBLI (STAUBLI) -Swito
    Steelbier Group manufacturing precision machinery electronic products: textile machinery, industrial joints and industrial robots, the number of employees of the company reached more than 3,000, and the annual turnover exceeded the turnover exceeded One billion Swiss franc. The company was founded in HORGEN, a shore of Lake Zurich, Switzerland in 1892. Today, Stallibir developed into a multinational company, headquartered in PFäffikon, Switzerland.
    So far, Stepier has developed a series of complete robots, including SCARA four -axis robots, six -axis robots, special robots, controllers and softwares such as injection molding, spraying, net room, machine tools and other environments.
    Seven. Com where (Comau) -Exy
    Comau is a global enterprise affiliated to Fiat Group. It was established in 1976 and is headquartered in Turin, Italy. Koma provides industrial automation systems and comprehensive maintenance services for many industries. From product research and development to the realization of industrial technology automation systems, its business scope mainly includes: body welding, power assembly, engineering design, robotics and maintenance services.
    8. Epson () Robot (robotic hand) -The Japanese
    Epson robot (robotics) originated from the assembly line of the precision watch in 1982; Headquarters, the department is affiliated with Epson (China) Co., Ltd., which is fully responsible for the marketing, sales, technical support and after -sales service of Epson Industrial Robot (robotics) products in mainland China.
    Nine, Anchuan Electric (.)
    Anchuan Electric (.). Since the annual development of Anchuan Electric has developed the first all -electric industry robot in 1977, it has 28 years of robotic research and development of the history It has subsidiaries such as Motoman, Sweden, Germany, and American companies. So far, it has produced more than 130,000 robotics products, and more than 30,000 robots produced in the past two years have exceeded other robotic manufacturing companies.
    . Siasun (Siasun) robot -China
    Xintong Robot Automation Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "New Song Company"), which is based on robots and automation technology, is committed to digital high -end equipment manufacturing High -tech enterprises have developed industrial group development in industrial robots, intelligent logistics, automated complete equipment, clean equipment, laser technology equipment, rail transit, energy -saving and environmentally friendly equipment, energy equipment, special equipment and intelligent service robots.

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