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  1. Multi -League integrates the best application and advertising resources in the field of smartphone, and builds an advertising technology service platform between advertisers and application developers. With the advantages of large -scale data processing and the service model close to the application developer, it provides product promotion services and income for application developers, and provides efficient services for advertisers committed to promoting products and brands on smartphone platforms. Multi -League provides a fair, reasonable and efficient resource allocation platform to maximize the value for application developers and advertisers.
    The research and development team with senior experts in the industry and well -known senior engineers in the industry has unique technical advantages in the advertising platform system. The team has accumulated for many years in the Internet industry, and has rich advertising resources. Multi -League hopes to bring unique value to the industry. Cool Fruit Mobile Advertising Platform is a core brand media platform of Guguo Software. At present, the overall solution and service provider of mobile Internet advertising is developed earlier in China.
    The long -term focus on mobile Internet advertising products technology and services, and has a number of independent core technologies and intellectual property rights. The industry's first push advertisement and video advertisement. The Cool Tsai advertising industry is unique. The number of products, product research and development technology, and independent innovation ranks the best in the industry. "The characteristic of the rice advertising platform is that it can provide accurate advertising for enterprise advertisements, so that the advertisement targets set the target set by the advertiser to reach the audience at the right time, and make the advertisement vivid and interesting on the mobile phone to become lively and interesting on the mobile phone. , Attractive attention. The platform also provides detailed advertising statistics. The advertising data is clear and transparent, and it is convenient for advertisers to understand the effect of advertising and developers to understand income. Michael advertisement is the first domestic mobile advertising platform, which can be described as Chinese ADMOB. "
    The meter has been committed to improving the user experience of mobile advertising. Whether it is traditional advertising bars or integral wall advertisements, and even the latest iOS recommendation walls, they have been unanimously recognized by users.
    MARTMAD (SmartMad) is a domestic intelligent mobile advertising online network. With leading wireless marketing solutions, through intelligent advertising, it provides advertisers and media owners with comprehensive mobile Internet advertising marketing services.
    -million Dynamic Tao is the only developer advertiser full self -service advertising platform in China. It provides real -time data statistics background and supports mobile Internet website advertisements and mobile APP advertisements, covering all mainstream operating systems including Android, iOS, and all.
    -million Dynamic Dao Dao has been committed to providing a better product and service experience for developers and advertisers. In MAD, We Trust! AdView移动广告优化平台:是专门为android、iOS开发者免费服务的广告管理平台,支持国内外30多家广告平台自由转换(包括:有米、多盟、AdMob、iAD、 Media、哇棒、架势, Baidu, etc.). At the same time as ADVIEW helps developers easily implant multiple advertising platforms, they match the efficient advertising request mechanism, greatly increase the advertising filling rate, and maximize advertising revenue.
    ADVIEW also launched an application of mutual push functions. The application of mutual push functions is integrated with thousands of high -quality applications. Free swap traffic, new user explosion chain growth! The CPA denomination method refers to the actual effect according to the advertising, that is, the effective questionnaire or order of the response is not limited to advertising. The CPA's valuation method has certain risks for the website, but if the advertisement is successful, its income is much larger than the CPM's valuation method. As far as I know 7 days, when the hotel is put on online advertising, some of them are doing this. According to a member of each registered, pay 20 yuan for the website. To say that the charging method CPM, CPC, and CPA charges can only be compared with which is more suitable for you.
    Wang CPM, CPC, or CPA, advertisers can choose according to their own product characteristics, which is the same as traditional Internet advertisements. Due to the rapid development of the e -commerce industry, the mobile advertising platform has also appeared in the charging method of CPS (binding according to each purchase), but the general effect is not good enough. The reason is that there are many inconvenience in mobile payment.
    The most domestic mobile advertising platforms support CPM, CPC, and CPA billing. When choosing mobile advertising, advertisers can consider more stability and depth of media resources for mobile advertising platforms.
    On the basis of CPA, Cool Fruit launched the billing standard TCPA on March 14, 2014, Cost Per Action. It means that developers can clearly monitor all relevant data such as the client interface that the industry is open to all developers through the industry's first client interface that the user has installed and the CPA unit price corresponding to the advertisement. CPS (COST PER SALES): Use the commission of actual sales of products to convert the advertising amount. That is, a business cooperation method that collects a certain proportion of commission based on successful sales.
    CPS advertisements Like CPA ads, advertisers In order to avoid the risk of advertising costs, advertisements pay for advertising sites for sale of commission costs based on the actual sales generated after the advertisement. CPS is suitable for products that can be viewed and payment function web pages in the Internet. In the field of mobile Internet, many mobile advertising platforms are also trying to use.

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