What are these beautiful patterns inside the glass sphere

North and south, north and south, we all have childhood favorite toys. However, we believe that no matter where you are, custom snow globes should be the most beloved children. The crystal clear of marbles makes people addicted, and some marbles will appear colorful patterns, which makes people curious. What are these beautiful patterns inside the glass sphere, and how are they made?

Strictly speaking, glass balls are also a kind of glass artifact. The process of making glass balls is quite simple. The raw material is recycled beer bottles, which is why the price of glass balls is very low. The human glass industry is so adept at making glass balls that the first thing many factory apprentices learn is to make glass balls.

At the time of production, the glass residue is put into a furnace to be softened. As long as the temperature is above 1200 degrees Celsius, the glass becomes molten and the softened glass can be used to make various crafts. The molten glass will be cut into small pieces for preliminary treatment. They are then thrown into special machines that spin and polish them to make them look like glass balls, cooling themselves down as they go.

And the pattern inside the glass sphere is actually glass, but it is colored glass. In the process, the stained glass will become a sandwich of clear glass and form a nice rotating pattern in the process. This kind of glass balls produced by the assembly line are actually mass-produced works. If you want more advanced and more beautiful glass balls, you need old craftsmen to make them by hand.

In the international market, the glass balls made by the top glass craftsmen are expensive, which can be sold for thousands of dollars each, and those fine marbles with a sense of time can also be sold for tens of thousands of dollars. What do you think?

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