What are the requirements for the shape of the box

Tea, drinks, food and so on, a lot of daily necessities will be used to the carton packaging box, the size and shape of different, thus, the design of carton packaging box and custom box with logo modeling. What are the requirements?

The shape of the box is a highly crucial element in the packaging design of the box. Because the shape of the box is mainly designed according to the function and form of the product itself. In addition, the shape of the box is also affected by the nature, shape and weight of the products inside the box. ​Therefore we need to use scientific design methods, the principle of three-dimensional composition reasonably used in our packaging box structure and modeling.

First, packaging box type body

The paper box is a three-dimensional shape, and its blooming process is a multi-faceted shape formed by the movement, accumulation, folding and encircling of several surfaces. The faces in the three-dimensional formation play the role of dividing space in the space. When different parts of the faces are cut, rotated and folded, the resulting faces will have different emotions. The plane is flat, smooth and simple. The surface is soft, mild and elastic. ​The curved surface is soft, round, simple, plump, square, strict, solemn...... And these are exactly what we must take into account when studying the body structure of the carton.

The research of polyhedron in three-dimensional composition is to find the change rule between the faces of the polyhedral body and explore the relationship between the change of the faces of the body and the strength of the material.

In addition, the six basic geometries of polyhedra and their variants have similarities with the complex and changeable external forms of commodities in real life. According to the function and characteristic of the commodity, the packaging structure of the carton should give full play to the forming characteristics of the polyhedron, and skillfully use the body language to express the characteristics of the commodity and the aesthetic feeling of the package.

At present, a lot of food packaging on the market, its packaging box is formed on the basis of the polyhedron Plato or Archimedes definition. Each surface is composed of repeated shapes, each surface is composed of different shapes, the higher the combination of surfaces, the closer to the sphere.

Two, packaging container modeling design

Container modeling design is the same as space art, is to use a variety of different materials and processing means to create three-dimensional images in space. When determining a basic shape, the "sculpture method" is usually used as the basic means, and then the shape is cut and combined.

The positioning of the basic form is derived from the geometric form, such as sphere, cylinder, cone and so on. The bottle shape of cosmetics normally takes the cabbage cylinder as the basic integral shape, and the three-dimensional structure of the cylinder is mainly reflected in the changes of the column end, the cylinder surface and the prism of the column, using the cutting, bending, rotation, concave and additional techniques of each part.

In addition, "simulation method" is also a design method of container modeling, that is, direct imitation of an apparent form to enhance the visual effect of commodities and attract consumer groups. The bionic structure of three-dimensional composition provides a great help for us to reflect colorful real life and enrich our performance ability. Example: Scotch whisky bottle, designed to look like a bell. The brand name of the wine is the bell, which promotes the brand name of the product.

Packaging modeling design is an abstract form of language expression. How to use abstract language to express the artistic appeal of packaging design also needs the auxiliary practice of three-dimensional composition.

Vitality The form we study is itself in a static state, while numerous natural forms give people aesthetic feelings with their vigorous vitality. Absorb a natural form of expansion, extension of the spirit to be creatively used in the packaging design.

Dynamic means development, progress, balance and other excellent qualities, the use of "gradual shift" method to form a visual time shift, the formation of "dynamic composition" in the design generally relies on the curve and the shape of the rotation in the space to obtain.

The sense of volume refers to the psychological feeling brought by the volume. In the design, the key is to deal with how the shape of the same volume can give different psychological hints. The use of local reduction, addition, turnover, compression and bending can reflect better effects.

The design of carton packaging box modeling, is a profound knowledge, involves numerous aspects, need to balance all aspects of consideration.

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