3 thoughts on “How to raise cash in Momo Coin”

  1. Momocoin is a virtual currency in Momo and does not support withdrawal.
    Mo Momo can buy a variety of funny expressions such as cherry balls, D Gongzi, Momo Da, Xiaoming's 2B life at Momo Emoticon Store. In addition, Momo Coins can also be used to buy Momo's membership services, including exclusive member logos, personalized data pages, chat information synchronization, etc.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, 01 login Momo software, enter the main interface, click "individual" in the lower right corner of the screen.后02 After entering the interface, click "Momo Wallet".提03 At present, Momo's withdrawal money must be bound to personal Alipay first. Click "More" in the upper right corner and click "Payment Safety" in the pop -up box. 04 Click "Alipay Binding" in the payment security section.支05 is binding the Alipay interface and click "Bind immediately" below.自己06 enter your Alipay account and password as required, and click "Next" to complete the binding. 07 can enter the formal withdrawal after completing the Alipay binding. Back to the Momo wallet, click on the "wallet balance" under the Momo wallet.余08 At the balance of the wallet, click "Turn out" below.转09 In the balance transfer interface, enter the amount you want to transfer, and then click "Turn out". Generally, you will get the account immediately and transfer to the Alipay you are bound.

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