1 thought on “How to invest in blockchain projects?”

  1. The word blockchain has been frequently used in various venture capital activities recently. Many investors have foreseeable that the wind is coming and wants to make some track layouts in advance, but they don't want to blindly pay tuition fees. When talking about the blockchain with many institutional investors, the basic answer is to look at it. The general feeling is that the project is too small and the valuation is too high. The key is not to understand!
    It estimates that many people talk about power decentralization, and even some people will call it new technologies that subvert their self -media fields. But at this time, if you ask him what the so -called decentralization and how to achieve the so -called decentralization to subvert the mainstream centralized network. It is estimated that it is difficult for the other party to issue a substantial statement. The latter can only use some vague concepts to explain. You should be careful at this time.
    In fact, no one tries to subvert the traditional search engine by centralization, and even some people want to modify instant messages and social networks from the perspective of data privacy and security. However, most of them are just dead memories of the so -called de -centralized concept. In fact, for us, there are still many places in the field of blockchain technology, so I still hope that we do not expect too much on the blockchain field. Of course, if someone depicts the cake of the blockchain project in front of you, and it seems omnipotent, then it is recommended that you be vigilant.

    of course, we can also check whether the so -called blockchain project has an open source code. Generally speaking, a mature blockchain project has a powerful community to support maintenance, so we can see its projects, comments, and even source code in the community. If a blockchain project does not even dare to open the source code, a perfect blockchain project should also consider the stimulus of issuing tokens on the entire ecosystem. For example, Bitcoin is used as a reward for network workload. It can stimulate and encourage people to operate in the network. It can be said that in the traditional complete blockchain network, token is used as a fuel to stimulate the operation of the entire ecosystem. At present, many unreliable projects are only issued to the issuing token, without considering how the issued token stimulates the development of the entire network ecology. Such projects will not last too long. As a distributed community, the essence of a distributed community is transparent, so if a blockchain project cannot be public and transparent on critical issues, then there is a reason to question whether the project is reliable. For example, a good blockchain project usually discloses the budget, progress, and transparency of the project to gain the trust of investors. On the contrary, the poor project is not open and transparent in key issues. Even if there are changes in the project, it will not explain publicly, which makes it difficult to trust.
    Finally, we can look at the composition of the project team members and consultants. Generally speaking, the blockchain project has relatively high requirements for team members. At least they should have considerable experience in the blockchain, and can establish an open source community, attract more people to participate in the community and play a leading role. However, the consultant team mainly recognizes the market, so if there are more members of the development team to become a team consultant and they are leading, then there are reasons to doubt this project.

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