1 thought on “How big is the black hole in the Milky Way?”

  1. The first photo of the large -quality black hole in the center of the Galaxy was announced. From this photo, it can be seen that a dark center area surrounded by the bright ring structure, and this black hole is very similar to the previously taken M87* There are obvious differences in volume.
    The photos of black holes have obvious ring -shaped structures. The center is the dark shadow on the evening of May 12 EHT cooperation organization announced the first photo of the large -quality black hole in the center of the galaxy. From this photo, we can see the Galaxy series. The black hole in the center is roughly, and the celestial body of the entire galaxy may be accepted by the gravity of this black hole to continue to run in the universe. In fact, before this photo was announced, humans had verified in other ways to verify that there was a large black hole in the center of the galaxy. According to scientists observed the quality of this black hole, the quality of the black hole was 4 million times the quality of the sun, and it was longer to the earth. It reaches 27,000 light years. This is the first time that human beings have made this black hole with artificial tools.
    Mi people may not understand that since the black hole can absorb all the light, why is it taken to take specific images? It is composed of a photo, but it can be seen on average through thousands of photos through different calculation methods. It can be seen that the photos of the black hole have a clear ring structure, and the center is a dark shadow, but the brightness around the ring is bright It is different, which also confirms the correctness of Einstein's general theory of relativity.
    This black hole in the galaxy is the second black hole picture of human beings. From the original theoretical calculation to the current real image, it is presented to people. Thanks to the incident view telescope EHT. The telescope is composed of eight radio telescopes distributed in 6 places around the world. It is believed that with the development of technology, there will be more and more clear black holes. Because the black hole does not glow, we can't see the black hole itself, but the glowing gas of the winding glow gives its existence signal: a dark center area around the bright ring structure (called shadow). The (radio) light showed in the photo is caused by the powerful gravity of the black hole. The quality of this black hole exceeds 4 million times the quality of the sun.

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