Can the 8 million virtual universe simulated by the super computer really used to study the law of the evolution of the universe?

5 thoughts on “Can the 8 million virtual universe simulated by the super computer really used to study the law of the evolution of the universe?”

  1. According to the European Times, the above operations call the core of 10 million processors of "Shenwei Taihu Light". "This is just a warm -up event," Gao Liang, chief scientist of the National Observatory of the National Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that the size of the virtual universe created this time was 5 times the previous record.
    The computers refer to large -scale complex issues that can be composed of thousands or even more processors that can calculate ordinary computers and servers that cannot be completed. They are known as "Mount Everest in the computer". The new issue of the Global Super Computer 500 list was announced on June 19 this year that the third place in the world's supercomputer rankings based on the "Shenwei · Taihu Light" based on domestic nuclear processors, "Tianhe No. 2 "Late on the second place, the first time in the United States has missed the first three in 20 years.
    The super computer is a veritable "gods". According to CCTV, its main functions include meteorological analysis, processing massive information such as networks, mobile phones, television, etc., model analysis such as aircraft, ships, and war, password decipher and intelligence analysis. In addition, in artificial intelligence, civil pharmaceuticals, prediction earthquakes, geological detection, simulation of celestial body evolution, material science, improvement of cars, etc., and even simulation nuclear tests, supercomputers can create amazing economic benefits, bringing huge changes to production and life to production and life. , Benefit in society.
    Although the difference between the virtual universe and the universe is not yet known, just study the basic laws. This is still very helpful for our study of the phenomenon in the universe, so the 8 million virtual universe simulated by the super computer can really be used to study some of the laws of the evolution of the universe.

  2. Enter the computer that existing theoretical evolution theory that has existed over the past 20 years, and simulates the "Ex-Machina" universe according to them. Starting until now, whether it has developed into the universe in real life.

  3. Peter Behroozi, a assistant professor at the University of Arizona, took the team with a computer with a computer with 8 million virtual universes, including 12 million galaxy. Under normal circumstances, scientists can only infer the law of the evolution of the universe through data such as existing photos and other information, and Behroozi's "(Cosmic Machine)" project provides scholars with an opportunity to verify theory.

  4. It is just to simulate the computing power required for a galaxy. The research team found a way of innovation to avoid such a huge calculation workload. However, compared with the hundreds of billions of galaxy in our universe, 12 million is still a very small part.

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