Get a good facial to look younger

If you have two thick piles of muscle on each side of your face, it's difficult to find the right equipment at the gym to smooth out your wrinkles. While you've been working hard on your body, can you do the same for your facial muscles?

​Numerous jade roller supplier say it is certainly possible, as long as you consistently practice facial massages. Although some health care centers offer "facial massage" services, the price may not be particularly lovely, merely moving your hands at home, facial massage, can make you look younger. Here are some experts' suggestions.

Is there any scientific basis for this?
A beauty expert told us: 'For most of us, there are a lot of tension wrinkles on the face, and a facial massage can help relieve the tension and smooth out the wrinkles.' She suggested: 'By performing this face-focused massage exercise you can relax your muscles, which will make you look younger and help you achieve a slimmer appearance.'

According to a study, a 30-minute facial exercise programme every day or every other day can improve the appearance of middle-aged women's faces, leading to a more youthful appearance and fuller upper and lower cheeks. The researchers observed that during the five-month study, it was as much as ten years younger.

The study also found that facial exercises can improve facial appearance and reduce some of the obvious signs of aging by enlarging and strengthening facial muscles, making the face firmer and shinier, and making you look younger.

How to get a facial massage?
A facial massage can help increase circulation, and you can normally see an improvement in your face within two to three weeks. Your skin will become more elastic and feel softer. Open your eyes, lift your cheeks, raise the corners of your mouth and tighten your chin. As your muscles tighten and lift, your skin becomes firmer and smoother, helping to smooth out fine lines."

No equipment required -- you can get a free facial massage at home.​

Study participants did a series of exercises that lasted about a minute each.

Here are the steps:

Face lift: Open your mouth in an O shape, place your upper lip above your teeth, smile to lift the cheek muscles up, place your fingers gently on the top of your cheeks, relax the cheek muscles down, then lift them up, repeat by lowering and lifting your cheeks.

Hold the smile: Keep your teeth closed and your lips together. Smile to lift your cheek muscles. Place your finger at the corner of your mouth and slide it upward to the top of your cheek. Hold for 20 seconds.

Mimic the posture of a lion: First, sit in a relaxed position. Lean your arms forward and support your hands on the floor. Take a deep breath and open your mouth as you exhale, making a loud "ha" sound, like a lion's roar. Exhale fully and point your tongue at your chin. "Over time, you'll notice the benefits of breathing, throat rounds, neck, eyes and skin smoothness." 'she said.

Relax. - And be consistent
The biggest benefit is that you don't have to sweat to complete these exercises and can easily do them while talking to a person on the phone.

The number one cause of skin problems is mental health issues. Studies have shown that when you're under stress, you produce cortisol, which affects the skin. Doing facial massage exercises can help a lot. This practice keeps you in close touch with your skin and helps it relax.

But, as with any exercise, it works best if you stick with it. 20 to 30 minutes a day, six to seven days a week. Next you will find a different self ~

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