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  1. As we all know, the ring can be used as a token of marriage, but the question of "when the ring is given to this layer of cultural significance and gradually determines it", few people can answer exactly. As a token of marriage, the ring is based on the literature. The earliest cultural significance of the ring of the ring was formed and developed.
    The ring of the ring refers to a butterfly -shaped ring, and she is like a butterfly dancing in her hand.
    The birth of the ring traced back to more than 3,000 years ago, and there was no ring at that time. The ruler of Egypt has the habit of bringing the seal representing the wealthy seal at any time, but he is suspected of holding a burden on his hand, so some people think of setting a ring and putting it on the fingers. For a long time, people found that the small seal on the men's fingers was very beautiful, so they continued to improve and evolved into women's accessories. This is the origin of the ring. In recent years, a butterfly -shaped ring has been popular. The beautiful butterfly made the ladies feel excited. Wearing a ring is a language of love. The ring is generally worn on the left hand (it is not convenient to do things in the right hand), and the meaning of wearing a ring is circulating in the society to see several versions of explanations. One of the more common sayings is:
    In on the thumb means chasing on the thumb means chasing (Pursue the other party with action).
    It on the index finger indicating (limited to the desire for love in the heart).
    In on the middle finger (in love or is engaged).
    It on the ring finger means marriage (or married).
    In on the little finger, it means divorce (or decided to be single).
    In abroad, without wearing a ring, it also means that "the famous flowers are not the master, you can chase me." Modern people are no longer confined to this set of rules. As long as they like it, it doesn't matter which fingers we wear.

  2. The ring name "ring", the history books are called "contract", "cut (the left should be" bow "), 'notes", "generation finger", etc. In the beginning, the ring was used in the court to avoid avoiding the feet in the court in order A special mark. When you have a pregnancy or other circumstances, you can't get close to the king, and you are put on the left hand with the golden ring. The folk, to go to its original meaning, think that it is beautiful, and it has stayed in the atmosphere for a long time. In the Ming Dynasty, the "Three Rebellion Pen" was written in the Ming Dynasty; "Literally analyzing the word" ring "contains the meaning of forbidden ring. Therefore, women's political ring at that time was not for dazzling beauty, nor was it for decoration, but to use a warning to play a role of banning.

  3. When buying jewelry jewelry, many friends will be attracted by the butterfly pattern on the jewelry jewelry. Especially young girls will favor the cute little butterflies. ring. So what is the unique significance of wearing butterfly jewelry? Confuse for you.
    In fact, butterflies are traditional patterns that have been used in jewelry since ancient times, and are accepted by people of different ages, different ethnic groups, and different gender. Multi -ethnic China has different languages, different regional customs, different hobbies, different beliefs, and different aesthetics. However, the pattern of butterflies is widely used in the patterns of various nation's accessories, symbolizing happiness, wealth and auspiciousness, and sweet love.
    The butterflies used in jewelry in jewelery are diverse in shape, full of danced butterfly, romantic butterfly love flowers, in ancient China, there were beautiful love stories of "Liang Zhuhua Butterfly", and there were also " "Cai Die Shuangfei", so butterflies are a symbol of love. At the same time, "Butter" and "Fu" are homophonic, so butterflies are also considered a symbol of rich and rich.
    has a variety of exquisite butterfly jewelry, which integrates ancient Chinese traditional culture and integrates the current fashion elements. Friends who like butterfly jewelry, let's customize a butterfly jewelry! Bao, start customizing!

  4. We must wear a ring when you get married, send a ring for proposal, and engage in engagement rings. So why is the ring called a ring?
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