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  1. What are the better zodiac rats in the year of the tiger

    Properative characteristics: people who belong to the mouse are easy to get along, work hard, life is very savvy, has strong adaptability, and is good at handing in individual friends. Most of them are for them. Fighting, hard work, and struggle are relatively light, and it is naturally a typical characteristic of the rats. However, people who belong to the rat are a little timid, suspicious and conservative, with a short look on individual issues, and insufficient understanding of their understanding.
    Cost -run jewelery: pure nude jewelry. A pure nude gem, such as crystals, pearls, from the perspective of science and psychology, are all things. The variable time can increase the fixed force and sense of security, and it is easier to seize the opportunity at the time of change.
    On zodiac cow

    Protions: The people born in the cattle are loyal and honest, diligent and pragmatic, and have a strong entry, so they are praised and trusted by their boss at work. Will persist to break the difficulty. However, the greater disadvantage of the cattle is stubborn, lack of harmonious, and do not accept the advice of friends. Love to drill the "horns" can easily lead to subjective and arbitrary.
    Cost luck jewelry: color diamond jewelry. The most rich diamonds can reflect the fire lottery to a greater extent, and it can be a good health of the cattle. At the same time, the energy of the warm and virginity of the diamond will also help him, attract the opposite sex.
    Sodium tiger

    Proferens: People born in the Year of the Tiger have self -esteem, dare to do it, be brave to pioneer, like to be obeyed, and have a strong sense of justice. It is the maintenance of the public. By. However, people who are tigers are easy to advance and reckless, so they are easy to misunderstand, and they are easy to move their feelings. They think they are a little arrogant.
    Cost -like jewelry: flower -shaped jewelry. The greater wisdom in life is a balance. The flower pattern can relieve the dilemma of people who belong to the tiger, and let them learn to discover the beauty of life in adversity, and sometimes it is a higher wisdom with retreat.
    On zodiac rabbit

    Protions characteristics: Rabbit people are often mild and quiet, delicate, kind and simple, and have a sense of responsibility. Treating work and dedication, meticulous, has a high sense of responsibility and professionalism. However, people who are rabbits have a little vanity, sometimes unstable, and easy to be impatient, and most of them will be satisfied with the status quo.
    Cost luck jewelry: basic quotation circle. People who belong to rabbits need to be rational and free and open. In the face of various opportunities and challenges, they only need to make simple preparations. The low -key ring circles allow the rabbit to face with a red heart, career and love. Flowers will enjoy it.
    Sodium dragon

    Princh characteristics: People born in the year of the dragon have a mysterious and unpredictable characteristics, so the personality is elusive. It belongs to the ambitious dream family. Like adventure and pursuit of romantic life, at the same time, indifferent temperament, not stuck in the world, naturally give people a style of adults. But people who belong to the dragon are more competitive, and sometimes given people a sense of prosperity.
    Cuponal jewelry: obsidian jewelry. Black has the power to cover all colors, symbolizing friendly love and hope, and helps to eliminate negative energy such as stress, fatigue, turbid gas. As long as the dragon people have a proper mentality, they will inevitably encounter big changes.
    On zodiac snake

    Propegish characteristics: People born in the Year of the Snake are typical ideal people. They have planned, goals, and can be successful. All will strive to strive for, strong progress, so that they can achieve certain achievements. But people who belong to the snake are sometimes swaying, narrow -minded, and suspicion.
    Costing jewelry: Daxi pearl. The noble pearl is even more auspicious. It is a lucky thing for the snake people to gather popularity and charm. It is not only more interpersonal relationship, but also stabilize the mentality of hesitating and hesitant.
    On zodiac horse

    Protions: The zodiac is a person who is unwilling to lose, longing for success, and can move forward, so you must inspire yourself to work positively, super strong energy. Focusing on the trend of progress and development in the career, optimistic and talkative personality, so there are many friends. But horses sometimes lack calmness and sometimes impatient, and their personality is a bit stubborn.
    Cost luck jewelry: geometric jewelry. Geometric jewelry is full of futurization. Infinite creativity with gemstones, colors and shapes can be perfectly unified. It is the most energy source for those who are yearning for the booming zodiac horse.
    On zodiac sheep

    Princh characteristics: People born in the year of sheep are considered happy, often upright, kind, and easily infected by others. People are interacting and treat those who are willing to cooperate with each other. However, the sheep's emotions and emotional emotions are easy to emotional, and the subjectivity is poor and indecisive, which can easily lead to the flow.
    Carted jewelry: butterfly -shaped earrings. The butterfly shape is naturally luxurious. For those who are relatively withdrawal of sheep, they have a good demonstration role, giving a huge sense of security, and also make people more sober face to face the present and firm their choices.
    On zodiac monkeys

    Proferemiac characteristics: People of the Monkey have a strong entry into their minds. They have poured their clever and wisdom in their studies since they were young. Getting outstanding results can get along well with others, and life is unrestrained. But the monkeys are jealous, frivolous, and changeable.
    Costing jewelry: platinum bracelet. The firmness and texture of this metal are not replaced. Although the value is high, it can bring firm energy to the monkeys a little bit. It can be cope with new ones. Meet the marriage that is better than Jin Jian.
    On zodiac chicken

    Propegish characteristics: chickens are good at seeing through other people's minds and keen response. No matter what emergence, you can immediately come up with effective countermeasures. The trust of superiors, they are still social experts, a gentle and kind person. But I also love to argue, stubborn, and a little selfish.
    Cost -run jewelery: jadeite jade. This material is exquisite, and the low -key connotation has a good role in guarding the chickens. It uses emerald jade to increase its own energy, know how to be low -key in a timely manner, and get along with others.
    On zodiac dogs

    Properative characteristics: The people of the zodiac dog are a very conservative person, who are careful, cautious, loyal, always think about others, and will not deliberately seek benefits, and others with others The interaction is a typical slow heat type, but once you understand each other, you will treat each other sincerely. However, people who are dogs are relatively stubborn, and they do not care about the consequences, so they must prevent death due to small profits.
    Cost -opening jewelry: gold necklace. The role of gold is stable and balanced, and only a thin necklace is enough. The steady gold necklace brings more good luck and stability to people who belong to dogs, and will also bring more good opportunities and good fortunes. You must take the opportunity to seize it.
    The zodiac pigs

    Profeomy: People born in the Year of the Pig are generally calm. No matter how difficult it is to encounter, it can always be careful, so it can handle things appropriately. Because it is very enthusiastic and very popular. However, the pigs who belong to the pigs are unstable, and they are easy to get rid of anger, and their eyes are not much improved.
    Cost -run jewelry: amethyst jewelry. The power of the amethyst lets the pigs feel warm and peaceful. The amethyst can assist in the wisdom of analysis, thinking, words and deeds, and emotional management, enhance memory, regulate insomnia, and enhance interpersonal public relations.
    The above is what is better related to the year of the tiger. After watching the 2022 Tiger's wealth, I hope this will be helpful to everyone!

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