PE pipe fittings welding, hot melt or socket?

PE pipes can be used to transport natural gas, petroleum gas, etc. Compared with steel pipe, it does not need to do anti-corrosion treatment, saving a lot of time in construction. Construction efficiency is relatively high, but there are also problems that need to be paid attention to during construction, such as welding.

The welding method of PE pipe fittings is particularly critical, which is related to whether the pipe will leak in the future. In the common welding method, is it hot melt or socket?

PE pipe welding, which way is better?
The cost of plug hot melt is lower than electric melt, but the quality of electric melt is better than hot melt. Therefore, it is extremely essential to understand and master the characteristics and advantages of PE-RT pipe fittings.

1) Hot melt connection

Hot melt connection is to heat the pipes and fittings to be connected through a special hot melt machine, melt the ports of the pipes and fittings to be fused, and then apply pressure with special tools to plug them together.

2) Electric fusion connection

Electric fusion connection is the pipe fitting itself with copper wire with excellent thermal conductivity, external with a binding post, connected with a special electric fusion welding machine, electric heating, to complete the fusion.

2. From the perspective of operation mode, the hot melt process is more complicated, which requires cutting, cleaning pipe mouth, matching mouth, maintaining and cooling several steps. The proficiency is relatively strong, and there should be special technicians to operate.

The electric fusion welder only needs to scrape off the external oxidation layer at the pipe mouth with a scraper, and it can be welded with the electric fusion sleeve. The operation is simple and safe.

3. In terms of the convenience of electric melt and hot melt connection, due to the different models of PE-RT pipe, the models of hot melt machine are also different. The size of hot melt machine needs to be increased correspondingly with the increase of pipe diameter, which makes it inconvenient to carry when hot melt connection. You are advised to use a hot melt connection below dn63.

The model of the electric melting machine is the same, the volume of the melting machine is tiny, easy to carry. It is recommended to use electric fusion connection above dn63.

PE pipeline leakage is harmful, the response measures should be quickly repaired, then PE gas pipeline should pay attention to the problems in the process of emergency repair?

Here are the HDPE pipe fitting suppliers:

1) Emergency repair personnel must closely implement the Emergency Plan for Work Safety Accidents and the relevant Safety Management System and Safety Operation Regulations during emergency repair, prevent illegal commands, prohibit illegal operations, execute when there is an order, stop when there is an advance, clear division of labor, and implement responsibilities.

2) Vehicles, equipment, pipes, auxiliary materials, appliances, on-site safety maintenance facilities, fire-fighting equipment, testing equipment, communication equipment and recording supplies required for emergency repair must be complete and effective, and leakage, poor operation or quality problems are strictly prohibited.

3) All fire sources are strictly prohibited in the gas polluted area of the emergency repair site. Emergency repair personnel must wear pure cotton underwear, welder's clothes or anti-static clothes, life rope, use explosion-proof tools, do not take-off or wear gas masks at will, use explosion-proof lamps or flashlights when lighting.

4) It is advisable to use manual excavation and humidification and cooling measures for excavation emergency repair pits. The operation pit should be standardized and strong as much as possible, and it is strictly prohibited to cause secondary disasters such as landslides, and must be dug out on the side of the bridleway and additional escape channels.

5) Before welding and other operations, emergency repair personnel must thoroughly understand the causes of leakage, leakage point location, shape, size, wall thickness of the surrounding pipe, pressure of the pipeline, additional facilities adjacent to the pipeline in the pit, determine the corresponding operation plan and protective measures, and it is strictly prohibited to blindly weld, resulting in personnel and property losses.

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