How do you take off the hair extensions

762123880df3ab8f4b2b294641e193b3To remove the nanowires, we need to go to a barber's shop and ask for the help of a hairdresser. The main methods are the heating method and the cold discharge method. These two methods are extremely short time, and do not cause any pain. The heating method is to layer the hair, starting with the top layer and heating the junction with a nanohair extensions.

Then smear the hair extension manufacturer with some nanometer degumming liquid to remove the nanometer glue, and then unplug the hair extensions. The cold release method is slightly different and does not require the use of nanotech extensions. Starting with the top layer of hair, the barber uses needle-nose pliers to flatten the glue that connects the real hair to the wig, leaving a gap in the glue.

The nano degumming solution is then carefully dropped into the void. After a while, separate the wig from the real hair. It doesn't take long to remove a nanohair extension, thus this method is also convenient. You can think twice about whether you are suitable for this hairstyle before you go for traceless hair extensions.

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