Brighten the role of yard lawn lights

The role of lawn lights -- brighten the yard

In the garden, or some public places, for those who like to play outdoors, not afraid of the dark night, also plays a certain safety role.

The light of lawn lamp and high efficiency led lights manufacturer is relatively soft, and the color is more diverse. With the continuous improvement of personalized needs, there are more design styles of lawn lamps at present, which can play a good decorative role in the day, and at night, it is also very beautiful and generous, giving people a sense of beauty.

The installation process of lawn lights is very simple, easy to install, and the decorative effect is good. It is usually used around the lawn of parks and garden villas. Of course, if there are green belts in modern commercial streets, pedestrian streets, parking lots and squares, lawn lights will also be installed.

The selection of lawn lamps should be adapted to local conditions and consistent with the style of the garden.

Lighting and the overall design style of the courtyard should be in line with, or simple, or European, or nostalgic, or Japanese, or urban romance. If some friends have the choice of fear, you can also choose some simple lines of the square, rectangular more match. The colors can be black or dark gray or bronze matching patterns. Under normal circumstances, the use of partial European style or fresh and elegant design style, will use partial gray and black lighting, will not be too eye-catching.

The top is covered to allow the light to be emitted, and the top covers to reflect the light outward or downward. Avoid direct upward lighting and glare. Landscape lighting design can not only play the role of setting off the atmosphere, but also use its own characteristics for space division.

According to personal preference and specific garden effect, choose the appropriate lighting color and brightness.

It is not recommended to use pure white light source, you can use warm white which will be more suitable for some or warm color light source. Light sources that are too cool are generally not suitable for private gardens. Too cold, or too sexy, lack of softness and comfort.

When choosing lawn lights, we should not only consider beauty, but also pay attention to the energy saving and environmental protection and the safety of the garden.

Because it is close to the lawn, when the surface of the lawn lamp and the high temperature parts of the lamp accessories are close to combustible materials, fire protection measures such as heat insulation and heat dissipation should be taken, and the wired joints and sockets should not be exposed to ensure safety.

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