What parts of the female body are sensitive?

In the case of skeptical sex life, you can let your lover and sex dolly follow your sense of sexual rhythm. Social development is something numerous lovers must explain to some, but how can they consider sex?

Many people are cheerful based on kisses. Next came touching, then sex, then nothing. The relevant locations frequently involve the mouth, fingertips and sex organs, but have you tried to find different areas of the human body? When you touch cheep sex dolls, do you instantly have sex? Gently pulling your neck can make you want to strip the other person's clothes and pants.

First, remember to touch and touch gradually. ​Numerous parts of the human body still need to be excavated during sexual foreplay. Gradually excavate which location will give your lover a gentle chant. Then, simply touch every inch of the skin. ​Perhaps it's the inside of the wrist, perhaps it's the back of the neck, maybe it's the eyelids. The base of the thigh is a sensitive area for touching, patting and sucking, possibly the foot.

How can you tell if you haven't tried it? Lick his earlobe. Does he have a pleasant chant? Or you could try biting his bare feet. ​Thoroughly explore each other's bodies. It's simply hot breath around his neck, or long, gentle strokes on his back.

Stimulation of the ear and repeated orgasms

Ears are an often overlooked part of sex. Stimulating her ears with her mouth will make her visibly pleased. Licking her earlobe makes her shiver. You can also gently stroke her earring with your lips, or touch her earlobe with your fingers and stick them into her ears for practical results. However, in sex life, we should pay attention to whether the safety precautions have been completed, love is more obvious, distinct external thread design scheme, improve sensitivity, give her more obvious, more exciting happiness, high quality pure natural latex, more relaxed and relaxed, give her a stronger sense of sexual happiness life.

As a decent man, a decent boyfriend, the man needs to master the woman's requirements, give her a better couple life, harmonious and peaceful sex life, can be achieved according to the method. ​can give women an unexpected great enjoyment.

Be good at exploring opportunities

Time is like water in a sponge, there is always some squeeze. For couples whose time is consumed by children, work and busy daily lives, they need to think carefully.

The lack of unaffected non-sleep time between couples may be part of the problem, mainly because couples don't have sufficient time to be flexible.

If you're given ten minutes, why not have a quick couple's sex? It may sound rushed, but I don't understand that quick sex isn't wrong.

In fact, most couples praise the stimulation needed for a quick couple's sex life, and they can also create the feeling that only two people have secrets, especially before friends and relatives have dinner.

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