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  1. wholesale jewelry cross bracelets Life is struggle

    Arhone: Wu Kaiyan

    "If all life is disdainful of the world of stone seams, then there will be a large and large piece in the world. The place becomes a permanent silence. I hope that all life will not fall into the stone seams and I wish all the lives dare to seek the most difficult environment. "
    Lin Xi The "Life between the Stone Slings" made me regret it, moved it, and thought about it. I have to praise the beauty of the language in the article. He described us how a great sign of life, and at the same time impacted our soul, so he made a sound from the depths of my heart: "Have you ever been struggling for life and whether you are like the life between the stone seams, In order to seek a foothold for yourself, he struggled for the sinister environment?
    "Life between the stone seams" is a prose with a strong philosophical text. We played a life song that regrets people. The weak life floats to the corner of the cliff with the wind, and in order to find the soil of survival. But they created their lives brilliantly. From the small flowers and grass between the stones to the towering pine, the hard work of the hard work has intensified. . From biology to the unity of biology and philosophy, it reminds you of the beauty of beauty and magnificent soul. The article is so transition naturally, a little bit about the meaning of a life-life is hard work.
    Maybe we have dismissed the life between the stone seams, maybe we have been indifferent to the trees on the mountain, may The big world is full of vitality to make it radiate a bright light! In the past, I never paid tribute to them, but when I read this article, I started to realize the shortness of my eyes. I even felt how small I was. . They created a miracle again and again in order to survive, and what about me? It was such a cowardly, and I did not know that I should stand up and continue to seek the dawn of success. I found myself, know myself, and refine myself, so that my spiritual realm is sublimated. This is the author's feelings about life. I think this should be the motto that we spurred ourselves. This tortuous life has worked hard on the road of life. Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai and other revolutionary ancestors, in the old society with deep water, created such a beautiful today through hard work; Beethoven's deafness was still created and composed us so for us How wonderful music; after Zhang Haidi was paralyzed, he continued to go to school and set a good example for us ... Who can say that their lives are not painful and there are no setbacks. Are they all sought glory between the stone seams?
    The life between stone gaps is tenacious. As a human beings, we should continue to be tenacious. The biggest feeling of my reading this article is that all life dares to seek the most difficult environment and fight for life.

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    The first semester quality scholarship evaluation work of the 2005-2006 academic year has been completed. According to the "Implementation Measures for the Scholarship System of Panyu Vocational and Technical College", "Notice on Trial and Adjustment of Related Scholarships" (Xue [2005] No. 21) and "Notice on Adjusting the Standards for Adjusting Quality Scholarship" (Xue [2006] No. 10 ) Relevant regulations, after the review of each class, the review of each department (college), the review of the college scholarship management committee, and the public announcement of the college. 241 third prizes. The standard for quality scholarships is 900 yuan/person, 600 yuan/person in the second prize, 400 yuan/person.

    Annexation: "List of Quality Scholarship for the first semester of the 2005-2006 academic year"

    2005-2006 The first semester of the academic year

    1 first prize: (10 people)

    Lin Huiyi Zhang Haode Li Huilin Xu Zhiwen Zheng Zeng Zhang Lizhi Li Huacai
    Huang Qingfeng Wu Xiaopeng

    The second prize: (27 people)

    Lu Huizhu Guo Qianting Guo Yanping Zhong Jingyi Chen Dan Luo Xia Du Jincheng Huang Shaomei Cao Sen Luo Rong Luo Yong Mai Jiaxing He Runjuan Huang Kaiyun Xu Xiaoling and Danfeng Mo Jiaqin Zheng Xiuyu Liang Bingbing Bing Bingbing Xie Jinpeng Qiu Wan Wang Zhanxiang Wang Peijun

    Third prize: (43 people)

    Lai Yongdong Xie Mingyan Du Jieli Li Ruixia, Zheng Shulian, Guo Zeyong Wu Jinying Xie Peiling Feng Guangzhen Wu Yuli, Chen Xiaofeng, Pan Yanfang, Liu Weizhang Yan Chen Guangzhu Huangjiawen Cai Jiafeng Yu Wei Wei Wei Wei Liang Pingxiang, Xu Yuequn, Zhao Jiamin, Xu Chao, Wang Chunrong Liang Tianyi Wu Ping He Zhan Lili Tan Yan Rui Rui Rui Rui and Liang Minxia Liu Shuxian, Yuan Majian Chen Jin Liang Jinle, Gao Yanli Fang Guimei

    first prize: (8 people)

    Liang Hu Wu Weike, Zhang Jianqiang, Liang Jieping, Li Weiping Zhou Yanhe Cai Zhang Folin Min n
    second prize: (22 people) r

    Deng Li Li Li Zhou Fa Zhou Faqiang Zhang Yinghua Chen Weijun Chen Defu Chen Luya Chen Luya Huang Pinbin Xu Yuanzheng Wu Daorong Chen Yuhu Huang Ying Ningjun Hiroshi Guan Xingxiang Guo Shuzheng Cao Yueyue Hu Dong and Li Rongyan n
    third prize: (37 )

    The bell mirror Zhao Jinliang Jia Qingyun Kangyang Haizhong Guodong Guo Rongbo Wang Xiaoli, Li Jiahui Wu Zhiying Huang Shixiong Zhang Renmin Zhang Renmin, Chen Yiliang, Huang Guiwen He Jinliang, Liu Jianxin Zhong Fulin, Shen Xiaoling, Zhang Ke, Zhang Haosheng, Chen Li reads Huang Jian Guo exhibition Li Ronghua Gong Jinzhao Zheng Junli Bi Xia Deng Tu Wen Huang Yan Jun Yao Jinzhu

    Zeng Shanna Hong Zhenhao Zheng Weiguang Mo Weifeng Ye Shanshan

    Second -class prize: (17 people)

    Yang Changlin Huang Fengling Yan Jionghui Chen Lilin Lu Yilin Wu Qiu Liang, Luoping Guo Jiajie, Sun Yiping Dai Weijian Wanli Wanli Chen Qiuzheng Feng Lihua He Qiuzheng Guo Fuqiang

    three prizes: (28 people)

    Li Yanqun Wang Tingting Shi Jianfeng Li Guohua Feng Wanjun Chen Dongxia Jiang Xingshi Lu Zhiyuan He Minling Chen Xiao Ling and Chen Jianhua District Xiaoyu Xia Zhang Wenting Zhou Qi Gui Guiqiu Wanli Liang Junjun Chen Ruikang Du Yaxian Zhao Yuanwei Tu Xueqin Su Shijuan Ye Stel, Yang Xi Yan, Honglin Junyu n
    Foreign language system

    R N Li Weiyi Liu Wenyong Ma Peijuan Huang Tiancheng Fu Rongxin Hong Sujie

    Second -class prize: (19 people)

    Xie Kai, Li Hong Geng Liu Sulan Pan Kanliang, Gorgeous Zhang Yingli, Xin Yanwen Li Xiaoyu Xiaomin

    third prize: (32 people)

    Sister Li Huixian Chen Kanghua Zhong Qiwen Wang Yongshan Lin Jing Zheng Yu Xia Du Xiaoyu Liu Linjun Junlin Lin Chunna He Qianru Dong Lingzhu Chen Fa Xu Xuanzhong Li Ying Zhang Jiazhang Yang Yunhuang Huang Jiajia Huang Yingxin Pan Wanling
    n first prize: (8 people)

    Fangyang Yang Lian Deng Qiang Han Jian Zhang Xuewen Huang Miaoling Xu Haijing Tang Kaida,

    second prize: (23 people) r

    Liu Xianjuan Li Guixiang Zhu Yingying Lin Weili Oujin Lin Xiu Cui Liang Yong Poetry Research Deng Lin Lu Chufei Zhuying Hong Kong Wenya Li Mei Lingfen Tan Huanyu Feng Baoyao He Shen Ning Li Qiu Yan Chen Guifen Liu Xiaojie Tang Jiayi n
    third prize People)

    Lin Yanning Zhang Siyan Chen Jian Liang Yingfan Gao Yue Bridge Yan Juan Yan Zhenjia Zhang Ruiping Chen Yongming Huanglang Flowers Yuan Jingya He Runding Gu Meixia Zhao Chun and Li Yongyi Huang Hua, Zhang Cuizhu Wu Peiqin, Cui Kaixuan Lin Yingjie Lei Lei, Lin Yingjie Lei Tingting Fu Huiping Chen Jiawei Du Gui Chun Chen Minjuan Chen Qiming Chen Qiming Guo Shiyun bought Jian Luo Ca Ling

    Chen Huanqin Li Yanhui Zhu Yingying Xie Lixia Zhong Yanhong

    Second -class prize: (20 people)

    Tan Guangwei Xiao Mei Miao Miao Jie Wu Kaiyan Huang Caizhen

    Third prize: (34 people)

    Wang Xiaochun Wu Liu Fang Ding Cuifeng Qiu Xiaoyan Zheng Yan Chunli Shaoyun Huang Shaoyan Huang Liyun Li Jingguo Yao Yongfu Chen Weiping Huang Haixia Huang Lina and Cai Yongjing
    n Software Academy
    n n
    Lu Jinyou Chen Yeye Guo Meiling Yu Jiefang He Shenmin

    Second -class prize: (14 people)

    Wu Wenjuan Lu Yanbing

    three prizes: (19 people)

    Li Yiyi Lu Xiaowei Jian Zhaoming Chen Ruofei Feng Guoqiang Chen Lizheng Lin Li Yanlin Ai Huang Wei Shen Gui Ting, Pang Yingji Lin Jiabao, Zhang Weibao, Yao Fengcheng


    First prize: (3 people)

    : (10 people)

    Chen Shaoxing Yuan Jianying Jiangchun Fang Minyi Xie Qiuli Wang Dan, Zeng Yao, Huang Minyi Zhu Xingjun
    n third prize: (15 people)

    Chu Liya Wu Jianfeng, Liang Yingxin, Chen Jing, Zhou Wen, Zhang Chunxun Li De Liang Xiuxi, Jiang Guidan Wu Xuelian, Chen Dongqin Peng Yuling Feng Shuyi Huang Jiamin Shao Jianlin R

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