How do aluminum foil bags fold? Learn this trick, not to hurt your hands and easy to carry!

In daily life, many people use aluminum foil bags. However, one problem has been nagging us: How to properly fold the aluminum foil bag? Let’s follow Xiaobian to have a look!

1: The role of aluminum foil bag

Aluminum foil bag has a unique design, can effectively protect food packaging from external conditions. It can keep food fresh during transportation, avoid fruit, vegetables and other perishable ingredients contaminating the surface of food materials; At the same time, it can prevent food from being attacked by rain or moisture and lead to oxidation or spoilage. In addition, the foil pouch and flat bottom coffee pouch are air permeable and water resistant, making them suitable for use in humid environments. Folding tips: Pay attention not to break the aluminum foil bag when folding, otherwise it will cause air leakage or damage the sealing material. The correct way is to fold from the sides to the center, then fold down, and finally cut the interface with scissors. Note: When folding aluminum foil bag, attention should be paid to avoid excessive force, so as not to cause the plastic film crack.

2: Folding technique

Folding Tip 1: Press the ends of the foil bag together and push hard toward the center. 2. Tape the corners of both sides of the aluminum foil bag to prevent it from loosening before folding. 3. Use scissors or a utility knife to cut the foil bag in half. 4. In order to facilitate transportation, it is recommended that when buying aluminum foil bags, you must buy square ones, because round ones will have some gaps and defects, which are easy to be broken by other objects. 5. Grade A or B aluminum foil bags are recommended if used for daily carrying. Because of the foil bag’s strong tensile strength, it won’t be difficult to fold in half. Note :1. Do not open the aluminum foil bag with your hands; 2. If you want to travel with some fragile items, please be sure to pay attention to your safety; 3. It is best to choose square aluminum foil bag, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble.

3: Precautions

When using aluminum foil bag folding, should pay attention to the following points: 1, do not overstretch the packaging material. 2, try to make packaging materials do not contact with the zipper, so as not to cause damage to the zipper; 3, do not use sharp tools to scratch the surface of the product, so as not to damage the product or leave scratches; 4, if there are fragile items in the packaging, to avoid knocking hard, so as not to affect the normal use; 5, often check the packaging supplies are damaged and loose phenomenon, if there is, timely replacement of new packaging supplies; 6, if the packaging products appear odor or liquid leakage, should immediately stop using and clean up the remaining external packaging.

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