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  1. 1. Open the game and click [Start the game]. 2. First enter the [MOMO interface] to select the role of play. 3. Then enter the level and use the skill to kill the enemy to get the game reward.
    mobox is a community -driven platform that improves user participation and entertainment by governing token (MBOX) rewards. MOBOX uses a revolutionary token economic system, which fully integrates the advantages of DEFI and NFT, and uses financial mechanisms and game systems to give user power to create a truly unique and long -lasting ecosystem.
    This information:
    1. Momo is a NFT asset on the MOBOX platform. Each MOMO NFT has a randomly generated computing power value, which can be improved by consuming other MOMO NFT upgrades. MOMO's total power is the sum of the computing power of all MOMOs owned by the user. The distribution of MBOX tokens depends on the weighted average of the user's total power on the entire platform.
    2. Players have three ways to get MOMO: In the MOBOX platform, there is a complete decentralized NFT trading market. Players can freely buy and sell MOMO in the market. Players can also extract MOMO by buying Blind Box (Key and Box); they can also go to the rental market and rent other players' MOMO. However, the leaseful MOMO can only participate in the Gold Coin Master game and cannot get rewards through pledge.
    3. In my MOMO interface, you can see the MOMO you get, and in the atlas mode, you can see all the MOMOs that can be generated. Click a certain MOMO and enter the detailed interface of MOMO. Rare quality (purple) or above MOMOS can be upgraded. After upgrading, you can get higher computing power. Upgrading MOMO needs to use other low -quality MOMOs.
    4. In order to reduce the natural gas consumption of players, all new MOMOs will be automatically mortgaged for mining without any other operations. On the Mbox collection interface, you can see the total computing power of the entire network and your own computing power. Red arrows can see how MOMO gets computing power bonuses. Players only need to have three NFT characters in the game -MOMO can participate in various gameplay of MOBOX. In addition to playing games, they can also ensure that MOMO on the farm gets MBOX airdrop rewards. MOMO is divided into six quality levels (ordinary, good, excellent, rare, history, poetry and legend). The higher the quality, the higher the computing power, the more returns obtained, and the MOMO will be more effective.
    (Operating Environment Lenovo y7000 win10 mobox1.3)

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