How to Delete Your Character AI Account


Deleting a Character AI account involves several steps to ensure the complete removal of personal data and preferences. This guide provides a straightforward process to help you efficiently delete your account.

Pre-Deletion Checklist

Before proceeding with the account deletion, consider the following:

  • Backup Data: Ensure you have backed up any important information from your account.
  • Unsubscribe from Services: If you're subscribed to any services through Character AI, cancel these subscriptions to avoid future charges.

Steps to Delete Your Account

Accessing Your Account

  1. Sign In: Open your web browser and navigate to the Character AI login page. Enter your credentials to access your account.

Requesting Account Deletion

  1. Navigate to Settings: Once logged in, go to the account settings section.
  2. Select Account Deletion: Look for the option labeled 'Delete Account' or similar. This option is typically found at the bottom of the settings page.

Confirming Identity

  1. Verify Identity: To protect your data, Character AI may require you to verify your identity. This step could involve answering security questions or entering a code sent to your email.

Final Confirmation

  1. Confirm Deletion: After verification, you will see a final confirmation message. Read this carefully as it will detail what data will be permanently deleted.
  2. Complete the Process: Click on the confirmation button to finalize the deletion of your account. Note that this action is irreversible.

After Deletion

What Happens Next?

  • Data Removal: Character AI will begin the process of removing your data. This can take a few days to complete.
  • Email Confirmation: You will receive an email confirming the deletion of your account.

Reactivating Account

  • Account Reactivation: It's important to note that once deleted, your Character AI account cannot be reactivated. All data, including preferences and personal information, will be permanently erased.

Additional Support

For further assistance or inquiries about the deletion process, visit Janitor AI for comprehensive support and guidance.


Deleting your Character AI account is a straightforward process that protects your privacy and personal data. By following these steps, you can ensure that your account is securely and permanently deleted.

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