1 thought on “How many are there in Wuxi used car trading market? Where is the location?”

  1. There are three second -hand car trading markets in Wuxi now
    1: The oldest trading market is Wuxi is the old motor vehicle trading market in the u003CGonghu Avenue and Jincheng Elevator Cross Person> Now it is the most popular and most popular motor vehicle in Wuxi. The trading market, I am the merchant here!
    2: The old Guangsha used car trading market on Gaolang Road moved to Hu Yan far away. By 312, it was relatively remote this month. The moon just opened. On the beside the canal on the South Road of Chengnan, there were more merchants in the old Guangsha. Now, at the beginning, the popularity is not good. It is estimated that the time is long. N There is a small market in Oriental Automobile City, but the price of the car is less expensive; it seems that there is also a market in Chaqiao. It seems that there are no people just opened. The old motor vehicle market
    Wuxi's old motor vehicle trading market is probably the situation. If you don’t understand, you can call me 1 3 4 0 0 0 0 4 4 4 9 or QQ8 5 4 4 8 6 9 9 9

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