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  1. Pandora is from Denmark.
    The Danish jewelry brand Pandora Pandora Jewelry is one of the three major jewelry brands in the world. Pandora Pandora Jewelry began in 1982 and was founded by Danish Golden Artist Per and his wife Winnie in Copenhagen, Danish.
    Since then, Pandora has entered the process of rapid development and has developed from a local Danish jewelry store to one of the world's well -known brands.
    Pucting information:
    1. The combination of jewelry needs to be carried out according to its own temperament and status. Everyone needs to pay attention to wearing personalized jewelry in accordance with their professional personality and taste, some higher -end ones Jewelry jewelry is more suitable for grand social occasions, and when home or leisure travel, you can choose relatively casual jewelry.
    2. Jewelry should pay attention to avoid the stacking of jewelry and jewelry. You should pay attention to embellishment. Do not rely on the number of jewelry to win. Generally speaking, the number of jewelry should not exceed three. It has a bad effect.
    Reference information Source: Baidu Encyclopedia -Pandora jewelry

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