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  1. In addition to the hard conditions of their own products, the skills of friends need to be refined for a long time. The words are knocking on the stepping tiles, saying well, and more effort! If you want to sell well, remember, you must always master the initiative! The promotion of the product is listed as follows:
    1. If the customer says, "I want to think about it first." Then the salesperson can say, "President Li, in fact, we have discussed the relevant points in the early stage? Learn me really rate Ask a floor: What do you worry about? "
    2, if the customer said," I think again, call you next week! "Then the salesperson can say," Welcome to call, President Li, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you Is it easier to see this? I call you at a time on Wednesday afternoon, or do you think it is better on Thursday morning? "
    3, if the customer said," We will contact you again! "So sell it for sales! The staff can say, "President Li, maybe you don't have much willingness at present, but I am still happy to let you understand that if you can participate in this business. There will be great benefits for you, such as annual sales increase ... .. "
    4, if the customer said," Please send me the information to me? "So the salesperson can say:" President Li, our information is a carefully designed outline and draft, and must cooperate with the personnel to cooperate with the personnel. Explanation, and it is necessary to revise each customer according to personal circumstances, which is equivalent to tailoring. So it is best to come to see you on Monday or Tuesday. The client said, "I'm not interested." Then the salesperson can say: "I fully understand you, a project that is not interested in or has no information on the hand, of course you can have an interest. Reasonable and natural, let me explain it for you, he can make you earn ... How many you see on the week ...? "
    6, if the customer said," I don't have time! "So the salesperson should Said: "I understand. I always do n’t have enough time. But as long as 3 minutes, you will believe that this is a very important project for you. This project can make you earn ..."
    7,. If the client said, "To say, or to sell things?" Then the salesperson can say, "Of course I want to sell the product for you, but it must be the one with the best cost -effective one to sell it to you. Regarding this, do we want to discuss and study together? Next Monday, I come to see you? Or do you think I come here on Friday? "
    8, the opportunity to tell customers no: You have this product for this product. How do you feel? If you buy it now, can you get a special gift?

  2. What the product is selling products is: if the customer says, "I don't have time!" Then the salesperson should say, "I understand. No one will feel that time is enough. But as long as it takes 3 minutes, you will believe that this is an absolute to you absolutely Important issues.

    In judgment from age, gender, clothing, and occupational characteristics. Different consumers have different demand for goods. Generally speaking, the elderly pay attention to, convenient and practical, middle -aged people Pay attention to beautiful and generous, young people pay attention to fashionable and beautiful, workers like economic affordable products, farmers like firm and durable products, intellectuals like elegant and generous products, literary and artistic people like unique products.
    marketing skills
    Provide customers with two solutions to problems. No matter which customer chooses, it is a result we want to achieve. Using this method.
    For example, if the customer is in a restaurant Packing should make customers avoid the question of "or not", but let the customer answer the question of "want A or B". When guiding the customer to the transaction, do not propose more than two options, because there are too many choices Customers are confusing.
    After the transaction is reached, all the actual interests that can bring to the customer are displayed in front of the customer. The matters that customers care Combined.
    . For example, if the customer cares about the crow's feet at the corner, it emphasizes that no crow's feet are good for her, and the value of the face is improved. .

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer 1. The customer said: I haven't considered it yet, I have to think about it first. 1. Sales answer: Ms., where did I not explain it clearly, so do you think you have to think about it? 2. Sales answer: If you buy it now, you can get a beautiful gift. Second, the customer said: Your clothes are too expensive, and it is not cost -effective at all. 1. Sales answer: This is the market price. The products of our shop are much cheaper than the online brand products, and the cost -effective is higher. 2. Sales answers: It is also 100 yuan. You can now buy A, B, C, D and other things, and this product is what you need most at present. 3. How many years can you use this top? Calculated by 1 year, XX month XX week, what is the actual investment every day? You spend XX money every day to get this top, is it worth it? Third, the customer said: I want to buy, but your clothes can be cheaper. This price is currently the lowest price in the country. It has reached the bottom. If you want to be lower, we can't do it.

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