What materials do you use to make a ring for 50 points?

As the title, what material does a 50 -point diamond make ring?
is the claw inlaid for four claws or six claws? How about PT900? I always feel that 18K gold is not good, the most critical is easy to fade ~

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  1. The 50 -point diamond uses 18K gold. It is good in hardness. It is the alloy of gold and other metals. The white 18K appearance is the same as the platinum effect and will not fade.
    PT900 is 90%of platinum. Diamonds are more than PT950 if they choose platinum.
    This inlaid process uses the six claws inlaid in the claw inlaid, which is more reliable.

  2. The six -claw crown inlaid is a classic style, which is highly recommended. I know it for a long time. Only the test of the most simple styles is not easy to cause visual fatigue. R nK gold is 18K, 14K, or even 9K in the West, but the Chinese do not accept K gold with too low gold content, and 14K, 9K color whitening, lighter than the yellow color of yellow 8K gold. 18K is more common in color: yellow and white. White is generally white 18K gold, so there is indeed a problem of fading, but if the process passes, it is not necessary to fade. Huang 18K diamonds are also pretty good. You can go to the mall to see the effect of the finished product, and Huang 18K will not fade.

    PT900 and PT950 are white, and PT990. Because it is too soft, it is generally not used for inlaid. The 18K inlaid process is the most mature and the hardest in these three alloys. PT900 is the softest.

    The platinum is mainly used for wedding rings, and it is not recommended to inlay complex styles. Therefore, professional inlaid masters generally recommend using 18K inlay. Of course, if you have an exception of preferences, what do you like?

  3. The strongest is of course 18K gold, because the purity of gold is lower, so the hardness is also higher. But in general, the surface of 18K gold is pale, and it will basically fade after a long time, slightly yellow. If you don’t like 18K gold, you can choose PT950. Now the popularity on the market is just two types.

  4. 18K gold is the first choice for inlaid hand -type hand -in -type, and 14K gold inlaid is also used abroad, because the relative hardness of K gold is high, and the inlay will be firm!

    The large diamonds can be inlaid with platinum, but relatively speaking, there is no K gold inlaid, because the more pure hardness of the gold, the lower the hardness. It is the most firm claw inlaid. There are eight -claws, six claws, four -claws and other inlaid processes. I prefer the six -claw crown inlaid.

  5. 18K gold inlaid diamond is the most firm. Its hardness is good, and the shape is good -looking. If 18K gold is inlaid with four claws, it is very diamond, which looks good.
    PT900 is also good, 50 points are not a small diamond. The classic six -claw crown is a very good style and is firm.

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