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  1. Original name: Deep Sea Trav: Missing Director: Xu Ke Time: Starring in June 12, 2008: Li Xinjie, Liang Luoshi, Guo Xiaodong, Zhang Zhen, Liang Jiahui, Zhang Zhenyue Watch: 586x/AQ/3553/Story Profile [Edit this paragraph] " The island of Naga is the western -end island in the Okinawa Islands, which is where the western end of the Japanese border is the western end of Japan. Even many Japanese do not know its existence. On the bottom of the island, the mysterious and shocking ancient city ruins are slept. As an archaeologist, Chen Guodong is deeply fascinated by this mysterious legend. In addition to the relevant archeological research, if he is drunk, he also vowed to find her beloved partner and take her beloved to the ancient city relics on the bottom of the sea. At the point, take out the ring that has been hidden there on her ring finger to create a romantic surprise. Through the introduction of his sister Xiaokai, Guodong finally met Gao Jing, a psychiatrist, and the two knew each other and fell in love. According to the plan that had been expected for a long time, Guodong sneaked into the ancient city of the sea with Gao Jing to propose to her. At this moment, a bizarre accident happened, and Guodong disappeared without a trace in the ocean. Later, a headless male corpse was salvaged, but after the DNA comparison, it could not be confirmed whether it was the remains of Guodong ... Gao Jing could not accept this blow, and the life and death of Guodong caught her into a confused state. In order to check the unexpected passage of the water bottom, through the guidance of her patient Simon (Zhang Zhen), she could see some scenes that should not be seen -abnormal incidents occurred around her, and some ordinary people could not sense What happened. In the end, this is the illusion of real or just Gao Jing. When she was scared, she couldn't even make it clear. So Gao Jing only asked Edward, a psychiatrist, and his condition finally improved slowly with his help. But at this time, Gao Jing received the message, saying that Guodong's head found ... It turned out that Xiaokai sneaked into the sea again to explore the whereabouts of Guodong, swim in the direction of the black tide, find a person's head, and accidentally find the recording. There is a video recording machine that happened in the event, knowing that everything is closely related to Gao Jing, which also puts Xiao Kai in a great pressure. Looking at Xiao Kai's iron box hiding the head, Gao Jing fell into the myth of finding Guodong again. Like a led by an unknown magic, she returned to Guodong to study the island. Like the legends of the country's hometown since ancient times, Gao Jing drifted towards the other side of the dark sea ... Shooting motivation [Edit this paragraph] film selling point: This film is called a suspense related to deep sea -related suspense The film tells a suspense story that happened in the ancient castle under the sea. Xu Ke first tried deep -sea shooting, and it was said that this has also become the first time that Chinese movies have used the world's top underwater photography equipment to perform real -life underwater shooting. Reporter's comment: It seems very attractive. If you really sneak into the deep sea to shoot, you must also attract a group of curious audiences. Xu Ke's ability to interpret the story is first -class, afraid that because it is a suspense film, the version of the mainland is too clean. "Deep Sea Traveling" was filmed in the Mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan. Not only did the storyline touched by Director Xu Ke, but also made a lot of effort in production. The original name of "Missing" in "Deep Sea" is Xu Ke's three years and costs 10 million US dollars. After "Seven Swords", another breakthrough. It is reported that in order to meet the needs of the plot, Xu Ke tried deep -sea shooting in this film for the first time, and became the first time that Chinese movies used the world's top underwater photography equipment to shoot the underwater underwater underwater. This is Xu Ke's bold attempt, creating a precedent of real shots in the underwater underwater of the Chinese movie. As the actor in the film, Guo Xiaodong is also honored to become the first Chinese actor to shoot such movies. Interpretation of the film [Edit in this paragraph] Disaster let love "The Deep Sea Traveling" tells a suspense love story that happened in the deep sea. When the actor Chen Guodong (Guo Xiaodong) is preparing to go to the lover Gao Jing (Li Xinjie Li Xinjie (Li Xinjie Li Xinjie, the ancient city of the mysterious and beautiful underwater underground, When the proposal was proposed, the accident happened. After Gao Jing woke up, he found that his lover disappeared, but people only found one headless body. But his sister Xiaokai (Liang Luoshi) was convinced that the corpse had drifted to Turtle Island in Taiwan, so he began a thrilling journey to find his brother. In the process of continuous pursuit of the truth in Hong Kong, Gao Jing encountered a series of thrilling things. In "Deep Sea", it is worth mentioning that Guo Xiaodong has unexpected performances and is another new attempt in his acting process. Different from the previous promotion of Xu Ke's "advocating" "rare seaside beautiful scenery", as a thriller suspense movie, the large -scale deep -sea shots in the film are full of unknown terror. Although it is packaged in a suspense form, it is a thriller, but the expression of love is in the bones. After experiencing huge suffering, people will have a better love for life and death. Li Xinjie in the film should not only show the fear and confusion of "crazy", but also to perform the calmness and relief of love after experiencing pain, so she said that this is what she has performed since the film that she has performed since the film. The most emotional and most intense character. The first half of the first half of the romantic "Deep Sea" in the first half of the thriller is quite thrilling. The heroine Gao Jing itself is a psychologist. The mysterious black person she met in the elevator, and the sudden extra water on the bookshelf in the family, as well as in the deep sea The long white hair tightened the nerves of the viewer. And her patient Zhang Zhen continued to instill the law of "immortal energy" to her, telling her that the person who died unexpectedly did not disperse, and would always return to the person she loved. And the strange phenomena that have happened later will almost force Gao Jing to crazy. However, the second half of the film has a style, full of romantic colors, pushing love and thoughts to the extreme. The heroine who lost memory always thinks of the name of the lover, and the story about Penglai told. Finally, the beach shines on the beach. The diamond ring made her seem to hear the call and walked into the sea with a white skirt. "Where is Penglai? A few times, the prelude of 10,000 years, love in the eternal dance ..." The wonderful and ethereal theme song runs through the movie. Until the end of the male and female protagonists, they both turned into a mermaid and toured to the bottom of the sea. , Endless. It was the ultimate ideal about love in Xu Ke's heart, and the sorrowful myth extended from Liang Zhu's story. We finally returned to the shooting idea of ​​the original point "Deep Sea", which originated from a documentary that Xu Ke watched a few years ago. Why did the sinking sea floor unexpectedly discovered the ancient city of the ancient city until a diver accidentally discovered the giant stone and large staircase buildings on the deep sea bed, and the polished steps and sculpture products. Xu Ke has been thinking, why did the people living there suddenly disappeared? If we destroy nature like this, will we disappear that day? He once said in an interview: "For a long time, we have lived in modern society, and many media information will surround you, but when you get off the water, it seems to return to the mother's body and return to the root of life. You What you feel is no longer the anxiety of modern society, but every time you breathe, then you will suddenly realize that a lot of things we have experienced on land, look in the water, is another look. "So in" Deep Sea ", a marine scholar and a psychologist finally chose to return to the sea. Behind the scenes [Edit this paragraph] Guo Xiaodong was very afraid of water as the first film of China to take a full -scale film film. In addition to using the world's most advanced submarine shooting equipment, the biggest problem is that all the staff of the crew need to be used. Learning diving, actors and staff must complete the shooting tasks underwater. Needless to say, it is necessary to communicate with language underwater. Once the breathing is incorrect, there may be "nitrogen drunk drunk in the film at any time. "Waiting for dangerous events. Guo Xiaodong had a psychological shadow on the sea because he was drowned when he was a child, especially in the deep sea, the surrounding dozens of meters were water, and he was afraid of this space. However, as the male No. 1 of the film, Guo Xiaodong had to learn to dive. Later, he was still in danger during a shooting. When he performed halfway, he suddenly found that the oxygen mask leaked.

  2. In the early days, there were "Flower Moon", "Ghost Girl Ghost> this year," Deep Sea Trait ", in fact, it is also a good movie. It is difficult to be interested. After all, it is okay. Multi -actor
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