2 thoughts on “What is good for inlaid diamond materials and which is the most firm?”

  1. It is recommended to choose the best platinum directly. It is 30 times less than gold. Platinum is also high than gold and K goldenness. It is the most suitable material for diamonds. Anyway, I chose a diamond inlaid platinum ring in Tiffany the previous year. The diamonds were not large. I have been wearing it in my hand. Now the platinum has not changed color at all. Stranging on the wall two or three times still grabbed it firmly.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenThere are two most common materials for inlaid diamonds: Platinum: a mixture containing gold and a small amount of other metals. The maximum purity of Platinum in the market is 75%. It is a white K gold that is mixed with 75%gold plus 25%of silver, nickel, copper and other metals. Bid for 18K platinum, 750 platinum, 750g, etc. The 18K platinum ring is a common ring on the market. Platinum: Platinum, chemical properties are more stable than gold, and the price is more expensive than gold. It is used to make high -end jewelry. Platinum has almost no impurities, and the purity is extremely high, so it will not fade or change color, and it can still be shiny in the passage of time. Platinum pure white luster can reflect the real light of diamonds. It should be noted that the hardness of platinum is better than platinum, so it is possible to use platinum for small diamonds. It is recommended to consider platinum inlaid for large diamonds, which is more stable.

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