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  1. Jewelry is divided into natural gemstones, natural jade, natural color stone, natural organic gems and artificial gems.
    1, natural gemstones: diamond, fluorite, ruby, sapphire, red iron ore, crystal, spinel, golden green cat eye, yellow green cat eye, yellow gemstone, emerald, emerald, tourmaline, Heta walls, and scholar walls, mixture, 17 kinds of protein stone, amethyst gold ore, quartz, etc.
    2, natural jade: agate, jasper, Lingbi jade, Hetian jade, Xiuyan jade, Nanyang jade, emerald, Lantian jade, malachite, turquoise, Dongling jade, Junggar jade, night light jade, silicon malachite stone, silicon malachite stone 19 kinds of green stones, greenite, golden jade, ice flower jade, and Yingshi.
    3, natural color stone: Shoushan stone, field yellow stone, Qingtian stone, chicken bloodstone, porkstabel, long white stone, duanshi, vermiculite, pine stone, rain flower stone, Balin stone, Helan stone, chrysanthemum stone, purple cloud stone, vermiculite, swallow, swallowzi Stone, vermiculite, red silk stone, Taihu stone, Changhua stone, snake -grain stone, Shangshui stone, talc, granite, marble and other 25 species.
    4, natural organic gemstones: amber, pearl, coral and other three types.
    Extension information:
    The pearls of the type of jewelry: When the shells of shellfish software in seawater or freshwater enter the small impurities, the coat is stimulated and secretes a pearl quality (mainly calcium carbonate), which will Small impurities are wrapped in layers and gradually become a small round ball, which is pearl.
    The color of pearls is mainly white, pink and light yellow, with pearl luster, and its surface is faintly flashed with rainbow -like pearls. The color is white, bright skin, fine shape, and high granularity.
    The diamonds of the type of jewelry: Diamonds are crystal minerals that are completely crystallized by a single element carbon element, and it is also the only gem consisting of unit element in gemstones. Diamonds are octagonal, that is, four directions of plane octagonal crystal surface, generally staircase. The chemical properties of diamonds are very stable and are not easy to dissolve in acid and alkali. But in pure oxygen, when heating to about 1770 degrees, decomposition will occur.
    In the vacuum, when heating to 1700 degrees, it will decompose it into graphite. Diamonds are transparent, translucent, and opaque. Gem -level diamonds should be colorless and transparent, flawless or very few flaws. It can also have light yellow or very light brown. The most precious color is natural pink, followed by blue and green.
    Reference materials Source: Sogou Encyclopedia -Jewelry

  2. Simple division of jewelry types:
    plain gold (pure precious metals): gold, platinum, 18K gold, 22K gold, 14K gold, silver jewelry, golden gold;
    inlaid Caibao (ruby, sapphire, emerald, tourmaline, tanzanite, Topa stone ...)
    Vegetables: various gems, semi -gems, organic gem bracelets, necklaces, etc. (garnet, etc. Tourmaline, grape stones, amber, beeswax, ivory, pearls ...)
    The other text: such as mahogany, hardwood, Bodhi. Essence Essence

  3. What are jewelry and what kind of jewelry

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