5 thoughts on “What are the royal necklaces of the Queen of the United Kingdom?

  1. Queen Elizabeth has many enviable jewelry in her life, among which the collection is the most famous. As a proper "jewelry collector", her necklace is also like a few treasures, and she is a rare baby. The three -layer pearl necklace is one of the most iconic necklaces of the Queen, because the Queen's father was given a gift to the queen when the 25th anniversary of the marriage. This is the first formal accessories received by the Queen when he was 9 years old. Gift, until the age of 90, wearing.
    Alexandra's Dagma necklace was first from Alexandra. It was a wedding gift from the Danish royal family to Alexandra and Wales. This necklace is embellished with 2000 diamonds and 118 pearls, and the bottom is gold. It turns out that there is a piece of wood in this necklace to embellish it. The wood fragments come from the real cross, which is really very luxurious. Although the religious colors are relatively strong, this necklace is designed with a smart and beautiful, and the flowing is colorful. The young queen will take off the cross to wear.
    Indraba's Nezam necklace, this is a necklace created by Cartier, a wedding gift from the king of India to the queen. It was taken in this necklace, which was a new height.
    Qatar necklace, in 1979, Queen Elizabeth went to Qatar for a state visit, and Qatar's national president gave the queen a pearl necklace. This pearl necklace consists of six laps of pearls. Diamonds are embellished in the middle of two strings of pearls. The Queen of Britain likes to use this necklace with the corresponding pearl earrings.

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