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  1. Thirteen lines: Located on the Thirteen Elements Road in Liwan District, Guangzhou, it is composed of many markets, including the New China Building, Red Tiantian Building, Douna Street, etc., all of which are clothing wholesale, mainly women's clothing.
    The New China Building: It is said that it is the largest in the thirteenth line. It has high, middle and low -grade clothing, and low -end women's clothing on the second floor. Among them, there are denim streets. The middle of the first floor is low, and the middle of the third floor is from the third floor, and the high -grade mid -to -28th floor. It can be said that this is the essence of the national clothing.
    This all over the sky: The high -end brand denim on the first floor, the first floor stall, and the second floor are office buildings. Among them, there are specialized sweaters, as well as middle -aged and elderly clothing
    Doudou Street: Most of them are fried in low -end goods on the Shahehe. The style has no characteristics. You can go directly to Shahe
    It is based on Nancheng, Beicheng, Wanjia, Yimin, Golden Horse, and Charm Oriental Cowboy City. Most of them are medium and low -grade men's and women's clothing with low prices and self -selling prices. In addition, Shahe has a morning market. Generally, it starts at three or four, and the stalls are closed at 6 o'clock.
    The clothing city around the train station: There are white horses, Huimei, red cotton, USS and other clothing markets. The price here is slightly higher, and many stores have their own style.
    The white horse: High -end Korean women's clothing, there are test -fitting models to wear, the place is clean, and it is very comfortable to take shopping. You can carefully select the model
    uus. For Korean and original goods, most private high -end clothing store owners in the country also get the goods from here, and the price is naturally not cheap.
    The red cotton: Just opposite the railway station, but also relying on the bus terminal, so there are many people's daily traffic in this market. Most of them are Korean goods, taking mid -to -high -end clothing routes.
    E every wholesale market in Guangzhou has its own style, so before getting the goods, you must determine your style. You cannot blindly stroll, and you can have a targeted destination.

  2. First of all, position, position: low -end women's clothing, go to "Shahe"; mid -to -high -end, go to "3rd floor of thirteen lines"; "Cargo market"; those who enter the denim, go to "Shahe"; men's clothing, do not go to the "Thirteen Rows" to go to the "Shahe"; those who enter foreign trade clothing, go to "standing west"; Especially the Korean version, the Korean version on the first floor of the "White Horse" is good, but it is expensive. Don't go if you can't bear it! Intersection Intersection Why analyze this, because the wholesale market is very serious. For example,: Thirteen Ring 1st to 3rd Floor, there are more than the 3rd floor to get the goods to approve, and there are also to go to Shahe to buy the goods. Thirteen of lines on the 4th and above of the thirteenth floor to buy goods, you can enter 50, 60 here, when the white horse becomes 80, 90, and then it is 100 in Hangzhou. If you arrive in Shanghai, it will be more than 100 ...
    The first stop of Guangdong's second largest clothing tail market
    Position: Changgang Middle Road, Fuxin Plaza to Fang Village 50M.
    It two streets behind Yongle Life Electric, not big, Haizhu District, Changgang Road, Xinhe Plaza Bus Station, 50 meters towards Fangcun. Turn around 200 meters,
    The jumps in this place have a few streets. There are many women's clothing. There are a lot of good things carefully, and the price is very cheap. For example: ordinary jeans, trousers 15, pants 12, shorts 10. Of course, you can still bargain, things are very mixed, don't worry, it is best to pass a few streets first, and then slowly choose.
    Location: Liwan District Thirteen Road.
    The first to 3rd floor is low -end, which is more expensive than Shahe, but it is not optimistic. The 4th and above floors are the essence of the thirteenth elements and even the entire Chinese clothing essence.
    It 13 lines of New China Building, if you are positioning the mid -to -high -end, you must go to the third floor of the thirteenth line, do not look at it on the 1st to 3rd floor, and do not go to the Shahe, that's it.
    1 to the third floor is low -end, which is more expensive than Shahe. I am not optimistic. The 4th and above floors are the essence of the thirteenth elements and even the entire Chinese clothing essence.
    This is the Thirteen Elements New China Building. If it is positioned in the middle and high -end, you must go to the third floor of the thirteenth line of the thirteenth line. Do not look at it on the 1st to 3rd floor, and do n’t go to Shahe. This is here.
    The third stop: Shahe
    Location: west of Guangzhou Avenue, the area of ​​Xianlie East Road.
    Evaluation: Here is the largest denim city in China, Guangzhou and even China's largest clothing wholesale distribution center. The best pickup point for low -grade clothing, be sure to see it.
    The fourth stop: railway station and surrounding clothing cities
    Location: is the surrounding Guangzhou Railway Station; White Horse Trading Building
    White Horse: The highest -grade clothing city, the Korean version of the first floor is very beautiful, the price is also the price, and the price is also the price. It is expensive, packaging is 100 yuan. Going to the first floor of the white horse is the focus.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenThe answer is mainly based on the white horse clothing city next to Guangzhou Railway Station. The white horse is mainly high -end, good quality, and expensive, but it is good at the top of the Guangzhou wholesale market. It is the thirteenth line, wholesale, but there are many nearby stalls. There are many doping. Compared with the first -level white horse wholesale market, the price is not so high. The third floor is Shahe. At the bottom, the number of people is the most! I can only say that the quality of the quality is a penny, and sometimes I can't afford a bottle of pulse. hope this helps

  4. As a first -tier city in China, Guangzhou has dense flow and prosperous business. It has always been a city with very developed commercial distribution, especially the clothing wholesale industry. Since the 1980s, it has led the country. At present, there are more than 150 large and small clothing wholesale markets in Guangzhou. , Out of a pivotal position in the domestic clothing market.
    The domestic top ten clothing wholesale markets, Guangzhou has three:
    , Guangzhou Baima clothing wholesale city
    is located in Guangzhou Railway Station Business District, Guangzhou Baima, has always been the leader of the Guangzhou clothing market. It is also one of the earliest wholesale markets since the reform and opening up. It has been prosperous for more than 20 years. Now, due to the development of the times, the development of the Internet has a great influence, but it still occupies a large share of the high -end women's clothing market.
    The high -end women's clothing in white horses, there are thirteen lines in the middle, low -end finding Shahe, this is the consensus of the cargo in the line.
    , Shahe Clothing Wholesale Market
    Shahe clothing wholesale market can be regarded as a rising star, developing dozens of unique clothing wholesale cities. There are all kinds of clothing here. Entering a large number of hair cities, it is also crowded with people, especially the Golden Horse. The core area of ​​Nancheng is even more crowded.
    This market positioning is positioned and low -end routes, facing second -tier and third -tier cities and towns across the country. Most of the stalls in Shahe market support network approval. Many low -cost promotions on Taobao have come from here.
    , Guangzhou Thirteen Elements Clothing Wholesale Market
    The 13 -line clothing wholesale market is a well -known professional women's wholesale market in the bank. Over the years, it has been the main source of domestic and Korean women's clothing sources. It focuses on mid -to -high -end women's clothing, which takes into account men's clothing. It is the favorite of buyers in the secondary clothing market and clothing stores across the country. It is also Alibaba and Taobao.
    The third line market is composed of thirteen lines and surrounding wholesale cities. Among them, the New China Building is the leader, including red all over the sky, Miyi City, Dongfanghong, Guangyang, Dragon City, Douna Street, So wholesale cities such as Yi Street.

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