5 thoughts on “There is a place where there is a place where the gold is recycled in Chengdu. What price does Chengdu Gold recover now?”

  1. We can recycle it here. According to the real -time gold price of the Golden Exchange, the real -time gold price of gold in these days is around 390. The recovery price will be a few dollars cheaper, because the price is fluctuating. In case of falling, we can’t say losses. Give you money for you, this understanding understanding

  2. Gold recovery is very common now. If there are many gold recycling institutions near the city, you can go to the recycling store to inspect; if it is in the town, you can go to the gold shop for recycling, but the recovery price may not have a professional gold recycling mechanism; If you can't find it, you can contact the merchant for on -site recycling

  3. It is recommended that institutions that specialize in recycling gold to recycle gold, such as ten Linglong Linglong Luthel, the price of gold is different every day. It is determined based on international gold prices. You can choose to recycle gold when the price of gold is high. The other is to look at the conditions of your gold itself. If it is good, the weight of the weight is good.

  4. The general gold shop is collecting, the recovery is the same as the price of buying, there is no difference, but if you want to buy gold, you can buy it for a big shop.

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