1 thought on “It's really true that Yang Zai's story sells gold”

  1. Consultation record · Answer on 2021-12-11nMost of the gold sold on the Douyin's story selling gold on the Douyin is not true. Really gold cannot be so cheap. Generally, gold or gold is plated. Many online celebrities are linked to be profitable. We are all manufacturers' direct sales. Double -digit killing gold necklace, foot gold bracelet. is it possible? Today's gold price is 363 per gram. Who do you think stupid. Those who were killed in two -digit seconds looked at a string of golden necklaces. In fact, the real gold inside was only a few grams. The others are copper. The cost is only dozens of dollars. Selling you 99 still make money. There are also so -called copper plated 24K gold, and the content of gold elements is also poor. I believe that many people actually know that the price of gold is limited, but when the emotional promotional activity in the live broadcast encounters the appearance of their appearance and gold difference, the heart will start to shake. Even a reverse self -persuasion appeared. These sand and copper gold plating are often enough. Not only are they 999 printing, but even the certificates are complete, which is even more convincing but reason. According to a reporter's unannounced visits, those businesses selling Shajin often send a real gold sample, and then the same product appraisal 100 times, and there are 100 identification certificates. Even more unwilling merchants simply reached a transaction directly with the small appraisal center. Do n’t even have real gold samples. Directly “refer to the deer as a horse” and identify the sand gold jewelry directly into sufficient gold. This is not to let everyone not trust the certificate, but to trust the large institution and authoritative institution certificate. For example, "National Gold and Silver and Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center". Either sand gold jewelry or copper gold plating jewelry, there is no right or wrong, but using these costs as low as a few yuan to impersonate precious metals, it is a deception. Consumers have the right to know what they buy. What. It is also right to ask for a cheap price, but it is very problematic to use this mentality for false publicity.

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