One thought on “Is it necessary to buy diamonds?

  1. In fact, diamonds are a jewelry at the wedding ceremony for women, and it is also a memorial jewelry for marriage. Because of the hard appearance of the diamond, it can symbolize the eternal love, and thus becomes a just -needed jewelry for marriage. It is actually personal like and pursuit to buy diamonds. Many girls always have an irresistible likes to diamonds. There is a lot of joy to have diamond rings in a lifetime wedding. Of course There are a lot of rings to sleep at home.
    The reason why it is necessary to buy diamonds:
    It is necessary to buy a diamond ring, it is actually a girl's decision. If you like jewelry are willing to wear, I think I should buy a diamond ring. It is also a glory for men. It is just that the size and quality of buying diamonds do not need to pursue too much. Of course, the budget is enough to buy carat diamonds. If the economic ability is limited, the size of 30 points is sufficient. The effect is very flashing.

    The diamonds are gems monopolized by the Western market, so the price of diamonds every year is rising, but the diamond second -hand market is not perfect. The price of diamond recovery purchased in the brand store is less than one -fifth of the original price. If the diamonds below 50 points are not recovered, this means that currently buying diamonds can only meet the wearing needs.
    The profit of diamonds is that the brand value occupies a big head, so when buying diamonds, you need to consider buying it for wearing. Do not want to appreciate and keep it. Buying diamonds is to wear it by half, and then inherit the children and then change a precepts. It must not be sold. It is not cost -effective. It is still a very high price when buying.

    does not need to buy diamonds:
    It if girls do not like to wear diamond jewelry, they are just worn for marriage. Economic conditions are also limited. I think it is unnecessary. You can buy gold or platinum. The ring is very memorable. The diamond ring is also a large amount of expenses. It takes thousands or even tens of thousands of pieces to buy ordinary diamond rings. It is best to use it. Rather than letting this ordinary ring sleeping in the box, it does not achieve the real role of diamond ring. It is better to use this money to use it more worth it. In the future, this money is earned more to buy a better diamond.
    It to buy diamonds if you can't choose diamonds, such as a diamond between 20-28 points, it is better not to buy it. It is more suitable to buy this money to buy gold jewelry. The price of such diamonds will not be very low, and the price of about 4000-8000 in brand stores, but such a diamond ring is very useless. Children will also be too small, it is better to buy gold.

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