Is it cheaper to buy a diamond ring in Hong Kong than in the Mainland?

One thought on “Is it cheaper to buy a diamond ring in Hong Kong than in the Mainland?

  1. I just went to Hong Kong to buy a carat diamond ring and did some research. Here I simply shared it with everyone.
    HOC Hong Kong (such as Zhou Dafu, Prince, Sixfords) VS. Well -known shops in the Mainland (such as Lao Fengxiang, Caibai, Chow Tai Fook in the Mainland): Hong Kong's price is more than a dozen percentage points. After passing the Shanghai Diamond Exchange, Hong Kong is tax -free.
    The well -known diamond network in the Mainland (such as diamond birds, Kelan) vs. Hong Kong well -known shops: Similar price
    The well -known mainland network vs. Hong Kong well -known diamond network (such as British diamond): Hong Kong is more than a dozen cheap cheap %
    Summary: Hong Kong is cheaper than the Mainland due to tax exemption, but Hong Kong rent is expensive in the world. If you want the lowest price, it is best to buy it on a reliable website and online shopping in Hong Kong.
    er choices: My budget is limited (I won't talk about it, anyway, I want to buy a medium -carakra GIA diamond), and I feel that instead of buying well -known brands, it is better to buy larger and shiny diamonds, so choose to choose It is a British style that is more reliable on the websites in Hong Kong. This is the most cost -effective purchase method. First, part of the deposit on the Internet through Alipay (which originally has cross -border features). After ordering The goods are confident in GIA. There are also some reputation of this shop. As a result, the quality of diamonds and rings is still very satisfied. It is not worth seeing what is different from the big brand. The things are about 40%cheaper than mainland stores, which is tens of thousands of yuan 🙂

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