How can ordinary gold jewelry recycle in Chengdu?

I want to know how to recycle gold jewelry in Chengdu. It is said that the big brand only recycled the selling itself .. If it is a small gold shop recovery, what should be paid attention to?

3 thoughts on “How can ordinary gold jewelry recycle in Chengdu?”

  1. Hello, in fact, many gold shops can be recycled in the gold jewelry category. As long as the procedures are complete, the bank can actually be recycled, but the price of the store is high, and there are some companies that can be recycled. But it is not recommended.

  2. Golden shops are places to sell jewelry, generally do not recycle? The purpose of selling gold is to get money. It is the best way to consider how to be safe. I often collect gold for recycling in the bank because the bank has a camera and it can be convenient to check the money. What do you say?

  3. Tingdangxing can recycle gold, which is based on real -time gold prices. It is called gramped. Gold, platinum silver, gold bars and gold jewelry can be recycled. Golden Talent is in Jiuli, Chengdu.

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